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Sunday, 12 May, 2013

Red Hill Walk

Planned to do so much today!

I had wanted to get everything done and dusted by three o’clock so that I could go for a long bike ride down to and around the lake before it got dark at around five thirty. However, after getting up late, making breakfast, doing my washing and ironing, going out for food shopping, going into work to drop off my shirts, the clock beat me and I only had time for a quick walk up and over Red Hill and back.


Earlier in the week, Suban, who stayed at my place for a few weeks before Christmas after he had returned from an overseas trip, approached me at work and asked me if I wanted to join him and some of his friends for dinner at his place. He had promised me a party invite once he’d settled into his shared house, but I suppose dinner is the next best thing! So after making a stew for tomorrow night’s dinner and a quick shower, I was off, with a couple of bottles of red in hand, across Woden valley to his place in Lyons. Joining us for dinner were Andrew and Verity from work and their respective partners, Hazel and John.

Now, there’s a standing joke between Suban and myself, that the only thing Suban can cook (going off the majority of the meals he cooked at my place!) is chicken, so you can imagine my surprise when I arrived to find him slaving over a fish stir fry! After a bit of a flap about cooking the rice, we couldn’t find the bowl for the rice cooker, we all sat down round the dining table to an excellent meal washed down by a glass or two of the Little Bridge 2008 Shiraz I picked up the other week on my very brief tour of the Canberra vineyards.

Another busy weekend, finished off with some great ‘craic’ around the dinner table.

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