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Saturday, 11 May, 2013

As I’ve been here in Canberra for well over a year now, I’m starting to attend shows, events etc. that I’ve been to before. Today was one of them and after the experience Gail and I had last year, I was expecting good things. The Canberra International Music Festival is a week-long event held in various venues around Canberra. Concerts range from classical and jazz, to music from around the world and to showcase the festival, a special afternoon concert was held today in the Norgrove Eco Park on the Kingston Foreshore.

During the week I’ve been telling everybody at work how good the event was last year and my powers of persuasion convinced a few of them to turn up (although, I didn’t meet any of them there!). James & Grannie to come along for the ride and Barry (who was there last year) pitched up later in the evening.

So after driving down in my car (The plan was to leave it there overnight and pick it up in the morning so that we could all have a beer or two!) and finding a suitable spot in the sun on the right hand of the stage, we settled down to watch the last few songs of Annie & the Armadillos set. The lead singer, Annie, had an amazing voice and I would love to go to one of their concerts to hear their full set. They were followed by Synergy Percussion, a pretentious group of four musicians who performed some weird stuff on drums, xylophones etc. Not my ‘cup of tea’ and not many others either by the reaction of the majority of the audience! Next up was a lady violinist, Ann McMichael, who played a couple of pieces on stage while the Japanese drums of TaikOz were set up for the finale.

TaikOz is an Australian version of the Taiko Japanese drumming ensemble complete with massive drums and the first part of their set consisted of traditional Japanese music which sounded great. However, it was their second, part where they jazzed things up, that impressed me and most of the crowd.

We had planned to walk down to Brodburger at the Glassworks to have a something to eat and then hit Kingston village for a few more beers, but we decided to return to the Southern Cross Club to watch the rugby on the big screen and grab something to eat there.


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