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Saturday, 27 April, 2013

The weather forecasters have been telling us all week that there was massive high pressure system sat right over Australia, which meant that we were in for some good weather for the next few days. Mmmmm, what to do when the weathers nice and you’ve got a few days off work… I know, go to Sydney!

Yesterday I had a great lie in, cooked breakfast and was on my way up the Hume Highway by ten thirty. Both Barbara and Lawrence had a couple of days off work planned (although Lawrence had been signed off work anyway, due to sore knees), so we planned to visit a couple of places around Sydney that they hadn’t been too for a while (and in my case never). Had a nice quiet night in with a few beers after dinner (I must stop saying ‘dinner’, its tea!) and was up early this morning to take Lucky and Roxy (pictured below) out for a long walk around the suburb where Barbara and Lawrence live.

As promised it was a beautiful sunny day and by the time we had driven across and parked up at Cronulla Beach the temperature was up in the mid 20’s (That’s 80F in old money). Cronulla is a large coastal area to the south of Sydney, sometimes called ‘The Shires’. The town itself has a couple of beaches, the smaller, more built up, ‘Wander beach’ is practically in the centre of town, with the much larger, less built up, ‘North Beach’ leading out of town. After a short walk with Barbara along ‘The Wall’ on the North Beach and coffee at the beach café, we drove along the peninsula to the small beach suburb of Kurnell.  Kurnell, at first glance is a perfect place to live, quiet traffic free streets, large blocks of land for building your dream home on, nice beach overlooking Sydney CBD in the distance, etc. However, looks can be deceiving, to get there we had to drive several miles along a narrow road lined with industrial units, a sewage works and a massive Petro Chemical storage complex. To cap it all, just off the coast sat two huge tankers moored alongside a pier offloading their contents into a pipeline leading to the refinery.

Still, we enjoyed a spot of lunch at the village shop/café overlooking the beach and then drove back to get ready for our evening out at the Bankstown Social Club …

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