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Saturday, 27 April, 2013

“you’re coming up to Sydney for the weekend, great! we were going to get some tickets to a Buddy Holly tribute evening at the club, do you fancy coming along?” …. How could I refuse!

So this evening I found myself in a large auditorium, at the Bankstown Social Club, mostly filled with what seemed to people who looked like they were around at the time Buddy Holly was alive (I.e. over 60’s) waiting to be entertained by the “Buddy’s Back” tribute band. Turned out to a decent night with Scot Robin (Buddy) performing most of Buddy Holly and the Crickets (they certainly knew how to name bands in those days!) greatest hits including ‘That’ll be the Day’ and ‘Peggy Sue’.

Barbara and Lawrence thought that the show was a little short, but I think they played close to 30 of his songs during the two part show. However, as you know, most of the songs from that era were relevantly short, so they could have had a point there.

Anyway, as Barbara is working in the morning, after the show had finish and the concert room had cleared, we booked a cab home, had a few beers back at the house and retired to bed at an reasonable hour.


Posted April 27, 2013 by yermandownunder in Observations, Out and about, Travels

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