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Thursday, 25 April, 2013

Dawn Service

Today is ANZAC (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps) Day which is the 98th Anniversary of the landing of troops from Australia and New Zealand on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey in World War I on April 25, 1915.

It’s a public Holiday in Australia, which normally means a nice relaxing day for me. However, this morning at 3.30am my alarm when off and I got up,  got dressed and went and joined thousands of other people down on the parade ground outside the War Memorial for the ANZAC Day Dawn Service. After the simple and extremely moving service held in complete darkness at 5.30am, I rang my mum and dad to let them know where I’d been, as they visited the Memorial several times when they were in Canberra. During this conversation, mum reminded me that my Granddad and some other distant relatives were involved in the Gallipoli campaign during their service in the British Army.

At the end of the ceremony, the public were invited to enter the War Memorial to visit the Commemorative Area where the Roll of Honour is located. Here I placed a poppy next to the name ‘Dunlop’ (My mother’s maiden name) in one of panel of names listing those Australians who died during WWI.

Lest we forget

An old ANZAC tradition is a breakfast after the Dawn Service. However, when I returned from the War Memorial  on the free bus provided by Action Buses I discovered that the Hellenic Club weren’t laying one on for any of the vets! So I returned home and cooked up my own at 7.30 the morning.

Bike ride

As I was back so early and I was fully awake, I decided to go for bike ride. As James was working today (He’s still working UK hours for some reason!) I asked Grainne if she fancied joining me for her first ride around the lake. So after kitting her out in all the correct gear and loading up the bikes onto the car we headed off to the Southern Cross Yacht Club on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin, where we rode around the Central and Western basins at a fairly leisurely

Two Up

One other Anzac tradition is the playing of ‘Two up‘.  and I’d read somewhere that the Hellenic were hosting a ‘two up’ game this afternoon. Barry had expressed an interest in joining me to witness this and at two this afternoon I entered the club to see what was going on. OMG, I’ve never seen anything like it! In the main room, where they setup the ‘ring’ surrounded by tables, were maybe four or five hundred people baying/gambling at/with each other whilst the ‘Spinner’ was in the middle of the ring throwing three coins in the air. I couldn’t get my head around the rules, except to say that there seemed to be two games being played at the same time. The first one was between the Spinner (who had to throw Heads every times) and anyone who wanted to bet against him/her and the second seemed to be between any two people in the crowd who wanted to bet against each other on two/three of the coins being heads or tails. Bets seemed to be anything from $5 to $200 a time and it looked to me that it was an easy way to lose a lot of money very quickly!

Anyway, the only money I threw away today was on the couple of beers I had with Barry!


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