Little Bridge Wines & Lake George   2 comments

Sunday, 7th April, 2013

Today, I was supposed to meet Glenn early doors up at his place, then go for a mountain bike ride up on Bruce ridge, followed by an afternoon touring some of the wineries taking part in the 2013 Wine Harvest Festival around Canberra.

Bike ride

However, after an half hour or so riding the mountain bike trails on the Bruce ridge near the stadium, I attempted to bunny hop over a log laying across my path and instead of lifting my front wheel over, I managed to time it right so that the wheel jammed at the base of it flipping me over the handle bars landing heavily on my thighs against the log. I actually felt sick with the shock and pain of the fall and it took me a good 10/15 minutes to sort myself out and freewheel it back to Glenn’s place. At this stage I didn’t feel up to doing too much. However, after grabbing a shower and returning home, I decided to pay a visit to at least one of the wineries involved in the Harvest Festival.

Little Bridge Wines

The one I wanted to visit was Little Bridge Wines vineyard near Lake George which is part run by one of the guys at work. John was holding court inside the ‘Cellar Door’ when I arrived and I was soon tucking into (sorry, tasting!) some of their excellent red wines. After an hour or so talking to the owners and some of the other guests while a local band entertained us out in the court yard, my leg started to give me some gip.

Lake George Lookout

However, before I returned home, I took the opportunity to drive the short distance to the Lake George Lookout which takes in some spectacular views of the expanse that was once a massive fresh water lake along the edge of the Federal highway.


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