Australian War Memorial Open Day   1 comment

Saturday, 6th April, 2013

Today, as part of Canberra 100 year celebrations the Australian War Memorial held its first Open Day in years. I went along late this afternoon to catch some of the displays in and around the War Memorial itself before catching the evening programme of events.

Outside on the lawns of the War Memorial was a collection of military vehicles, weaponry and equipment, much of which had been bought in from the archives depot which apparently holds a massive collection of these things. Each exhibit had someone on hand to explain its origins and what was really interesting were the guys dressed in uniform from down the years who manned several stands depicting different conflicts.

As it was approaching five O’clock, I decided to enter the War Memorial itself in order to watch the closing ceremony scheduled to take place in the Commemorative Area. The closing ceremony is performed every day at the Memorial, however as there was so many people in attendance, some special guest were invited to lay flowers to honour several of Canberra’s war dead.

As usual, I had to feed my face! So I wondered over to the café to grab some food. As I was finishing off my pie and chips, I spotted Barry in the crowd and together we walked over to the parade ground outside the front of the war Memorial where the evening entertainment was scheduled to be held. Included in the programme was a Beating of the Retreat ceremony, a performance by the Federation Guard Precision Drill Team and the Band of RMC Duntroon performing a selection of military tunes from down the years.

It had been another beautiful Canberra day, but as darkest fell we could see even darker clouds approaching us from the south. I thought that we might get away from a soaking, but as the band struck up the heavens opened and the rain started to fall. This was the cue for several hundred people to leave the venue, but we decided to stick it out and see it though to the end. I’m glad that we did as we were treated to some rousing stuff culminating in Tchaikovsky’s famous 1812 Overture complete with field guns firing into the night sky leading into a pretty spectacular firework display over ANZAC Parade, Brilliant stuff!

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