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Saturday, 30th March, 2013

Arrived safely in Narooma at around five. Learnt from my mistake last night and called ahead to book a site for the night in advance. Huskissen was a bit of a zoo by the time I left, due the fact that there was an Easter show being held on the show grounds at the edge of town. Didn’t fancy the prospect of Scottish pipe bands, old military vehicles or bouncy castles (jumping castles in Australia!), so I drove out of town as everyone else seemed to be driving in.

As I had seen it on a TV commercial, I headed down to Hayms Beach to sample the crystal clear water and the amazing squeaky white sand. Problem was, I think half of NSW had seen it too and I struggled to get into the town of Hyams to park up for an hour or two. As luck would have it, the place I parked was very near the quieter part of the beach and I was soon enjoying a swim in the pond like sea off the shore. It’s so calm here as Hyams Beach is in the middle of a huge natural bay (Jervis Bay) that prevents the big swells roughing up the sea.

Anyway, with me getting out of Huskissen late and falling asleep on the beach after my swim I only had time to make a quick stop at Batemans Bay on the 150 km drive down to Narooma. I did take the scenic route for most of the way, so at least I saw most of the coastal towns on the drive. Arrived at Surfbeach Holiday Park  just outside Narooma at five, as arranged with the management! The campsite is right next to a beautiful Surfbeach, so as soon as I ‘pitched’ my tent I was off for a swim. I followed this with a quick spin round town on my bike to check out where to eat tonight (went for Narooma Golf Club at the top of the hill as everybody in the campsite seemed to heading up that way!)

I will probably have another swim in the morning followed by a trip out to a spit of the headland where the locals say the seals hang out. Then on to my last port of call, Eden where I’ll stay tomorrow night before returning home on Easter Monday…


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