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Sunday, 18th November, 2012

After the excitement of last night, we all decided to take it easy today. So after a light breakfast Gail, Kerry, Ciara and I jumped on the train to take one last look at the city. Before Kerry and Ciara went back to Kerry’s place to sort some stuff out, we mugged Ciara for a coffee at Starbuck’s again. The coffee always seems to taste better when she pays for it!

For Gail and me it was a few hours looking for some Ugg boots for Macie. I always thought that there was a single company, called Ugg, that sold Ugg boots, but apparently the guy who invented them forgot to get a patent on them, so now it seems that anybody can throw a pair of sheepskin boots together and call them Uggs. Anyway, as there are so many manufacturers claiming to the original and best, you can imagine the difficultly we had trying to find a decent pair at a decent price. However, after a lot of walking up and down the shopping streets of Sydney and a couple of pit stops, including the German Bier Keller on The Rocks, for refreshment, we finally purchased a pair and met up with the others back at Circular Quays where I took a couple of pictures for the family album.

This was to be Gail and Ciara’s last weekend in Sydney before they return to the UK and I was delighted that the weather was so good for them, so that they would remember the city at its best. We saw Kerry off for her short journey back to Double Bay at the train station before we returned to Barbara and Lawrence’s to collect the car and drive home to Canberra in time for work/school in the morning.

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