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Tuesday, 13th November, 2012

Of course Tuesday nights for the past year or so has been reserved for Trivia Night, but this week we’ve gone for something different! Now that Patrick and Michelle are settled into their new house, they invited us over to partake in something that we should have done several months ago back in their old rented house. Unfortunately, the week before we were due to play table tennis in their garage, Patrick ruptured a tendon at the back of his leg and its been put on hold since.

Before we anyone got near the table tennis, we had to eat and so we were treated to a South African Brai (which essentially is the same as an Aussie BBQ) of kangaroo, steak, sausage and salad. The girls kicked things off with a version of ping-pong that I’ve never seen before which consisted of them knocking the ball over the net at great height and saying sorry a lot. Owen (Patrick and Michelle’s son) became the un-official ball-boy and had great fun running round the table retrieving the ball for them sometimes even before it had gone out of play.

The boys decided to take over and play a doubles match in order to show them how it was done, but unfortunately owning to the fact that Patrick was the only decent player amongst us we didn’t fair much better and it was a while before we could get any sort of rally going. Still, we look good on the pictures below!


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