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Saturday, 10 November, 2012

This week’s bike ride cumulated in a special event for us all. The weather has been improving over the last few weeks and Glenn had suggested that we all get together for a BBQ at his place after we had ridden round the lake. As Gail wasn’t riding, it was a bit of a logistical nightmare for us to sort out how we were going to meet up after the ride so that we could carry on up to Glenn’s place up in northern Canberra. The simple solution was for me to ride down to the lake from our place, meet up with those doing the ride and then rendezvous with her at James’s place where I would grab a shower.

Joining me on this week’s ride were the two Glenn’s, Meryl (One of the Glenn’s wife), Nick and of course James. We had a coffee or two on the way round and after leaving the rest to continue the ride up to Glenn’s place, James and I rode on to his place to shower and wait for Gail.

Found Glenn’s house without any problem where we were re-introduced to Glenn’s wife Ya and their two teenage children Bang and Beem. They must have them well trained as the kids had prepared and cooked all the food whilst we were out on the ride and we sat down in their back garden to a real feast from the BBQ (I wonder if I could get Ciara to do that one day, fat chance!).

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