Jim Carroll Leaves Oz – Day 3 (Coogee to Bondi (and back!))   1 comment

Sunday, 21st October, 2012

Wow, that was some day

Another thick head this morning and again no time to lounge around feeling sorry for ourselves, as we had a breakfast date to meet. ‘Let’s walk’ announces Kerry, ‘it’s only 20 twenty minutes up to Bondi Junction’. What she didn’t tell me that it was up and down dale in the shearing heat and by the time we arrived I was ready for the knacker’s yard. At the bus station we met up with Donald and jumped on the bus to Coogee Beach where Jimmy and Christina were already on the beach front having a coffee when we arrived

The plan was to take in the Coogee to Bondi Costal walk, have breakfast on the way and also to catch the annual Sculptures by the Sea exhibition that was taking place between Tamarama and Bondi beaches. The walk itself is around six km in length and takes in some fantastic views, cliffs and beaches along the way. This coupled with some great (and not so great) public art made for a very interesting trip. The only problem was, thousands of other people had the same idea and once we entered the sculpture section, the pace slowed down dramatically

By the time we got to journeys end, Jimmy and Christina were in need to get back to Coogee, so that Jimmy could sort himself out for the airport and the trip home. Therefore, we said our goodbyes at the headland to Bondi Beach and while they jumped into a taxi to get back to Coogee, we headed into town for a drink and something to eat. I also had to return to Coogee to retrieve the back pack that I had left at Christina’s place, so after bidding Donald farewell, Kerry and I decided to walk back along the coastal path to Coogee

All that remained was for us to make our way back to Bondi Junction by taxi, so that Kerry could go home for a well-deserved rest and for me to continue onto Central Station and the coach back to Canberra. All this last part was a bit of a rush, as I had mistakenly assumed that my coach back was scheduled to leave at 5 o’clock, when in fact it didn’t leave till six, idiot!

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