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Sunday, 14 October,2012

Oh no, I’m well behind on my blog updates, so I’ve decided just to post the pictures with a brief commentary for now in the hope that I’ll find the time to compose the full blog entry.

Today was the last day of arguably Canberra’s largest annual event Floriade. Therefore, seeing as I’ve not been yet the three of us took the short drive down to the Commonwealth Park area just on the other side of the lake to take a look.

It was another beautiful day and the flowers, although now being into their fourth week on display, looked spectacular. Although the event is free to enter, there was plenty to spend your money on once you’re inside. Wasn’t tempted by some of the clothing or garden furniture on sale but we did buy some green tea, hot chilli sauce and a couple of bottle of wine!

The highlight of the day, was getting Ciara up on the big wheel and watching her face when our gondola got the top and stopped to let more people on at the bottom, priceless!

Posted October 14, 2012 by yermandownunder in Canberra Events, Out and about

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