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Sunday, 16th September, 2012

Another busy day which started off with an early breakfast at the apartment and then the long wait while the womenfolk got themselves ready for the day. Why is it that when you’ve got a deadline to make, women invariably take longer to get ready. Our deadline was the coach back to Canberra at 17:00 for Gail and mother, so the plan was to get ourselves to Kerry’s apartment, meet the girls who she would sharing with, set-up the bed that arrived yesterday, plus the clothes rail that we’d borrowed from her cousin and then take ourselves off to Manly beach for the afternoon before returning to drop Gail and mother of at the coach station, then collecting the car for the journey back to Canberra for Ciara, my dad and myself.

Now, where did that phrase ‘Best laid plans…’ come from? We got ourselves to the apartment and were introduced to everybody without too much trouble. However, when we unpacked the bed that was delivered the day before and started to assemble it, it soon became apparent the slats that supported the mattress from the underneath were too wide for the bed frame and our subsequent attempts to explain this to the supplier over the phone were met with confusion. Unfortunately, today was also the day of the annual ‘City to Surf’ fun run which meant that the city centre was effectively shut down, meaning that we couldn’t drive round to the shop in order to collect the correct slats. Therefore, after some fun and games on the phone with the shop owner (His English wasn’t very good and my Mandarin is non-existent!), we were forced to package up the bed ready for the supplier to collect it in the morning whilst bringing in a new bed.

Time was pushing on, but we still had time (Just!) to get ourselves over to Circular Quays, jump on the ferry and take a quick look round Manly Beach, before returning to the south side in good time to allow Gail and mother to catch the coach. The rest of us returned to Kerry’s new abode to drop off some supplies, say goodbye and jump in the car for the return trip to Canberra. By the time we left it was getting dark, never a good time to be driving on the Sydney inner city motorways, but we made good time down the Hume Highway to enable us to get back to our place, drop Ciara and dad off and then drive up to the coach station to collect Gail and mother.

God, I need a cup of tea!


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