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Friday, 14th September, 2012

Jesus, didn’t realise there were two 5 o’clocks in a day!

Up VERY early this morning to get ourselves to the airport in order to meet Kerry off the plane. Decided to take the train to the airport instead of driving. Two reasons, firstly it’s a nightmare to drive to Sydney International Airport and secondary, it’s a nightmare to find a (free) parking space in the centre of Sydney so now that I’ve found one, I don’t want to give it up in case I can’t find another one.

When we got to the train station, a very helpful ticket seller explained that it would cost us over $60 to get to the airport and back. Bloody rip-off considering you get to the any station either side of the airport for less than half this and this was what he suggested. Buy a return ticket to Wolli Creek (first station after the airport) and then purchase a barrier ticket for the airport itself. We had a bit of difficulty finding the correct arrivals exit for Kerry’s flight and waiting for over an hour after the flight had landed didn’t ease our nerves until we saw her coming through the sliding doors and down the ramp. By the time we got back to the apartment everybody else was up and about waiting for us to return. Everyone except Ciara of course!

Kerry has arranged to move into the apartment she has sourced in Double Bay tomorrow, so we had a full day to do some tourist stuff. Therefore, after breakfast we took a walk down to the ferry terminal to catch the boat into Circular Quay. Problem was that we had just missed one and would have to wait another hour or so for the next one. As it was a long walk back up the hill to the train station, we decided to have a stroll around Double Bay and take a sneak peek at the shop/office where Kerry would be working for the next few months. As usual, I couldn’t resist being a nosey git as we walked past, so Ciara and I crossed over the road and entered the shop to have a look round. However, we were soon in trouble when we noticed that none of the garments had prices on them and the owner asked Ciara if she would like to try one on. Even though she looked fabulous with it on, I couldn’t bring myself round to shelling out $450 for it.

Back at the pier we jumped on the ferry and sat back for the short journey into the city. Trouble was as soon as it motored out of the bay it turn away from the city and sped off toward the next bay () along. We soon realised that the ferry took a circular route from Circular Quay, Darling Point, Double Bay, Rose Bay and Watsons Bay, so we were treated to a mini tour of some of the most exclusive suburbs on Sydney’s south side. On arrival at Circular Quay we undertook what millions of tourists do whilst in Sydney, taking in the sights and sounds of the quay itself, the Harbour Bridge and then a look around the Opera House all finished off with lunch at the Opera Bar which sits on the quay side and affords great views of the Circular Quay including the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House itself.

After lunch we took a stroll around ‘The Rocks’ area on the other side of Circular Quay. During this I took the opportunity to nip into the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb offices to finally book a Bridge Climb. Coming with me tomorrow at 11am are Kerry, Ciara and my dad. Gail has kindly offered to stay on the ground to keep my mother company for the expected four hour duration of the ‘experience’. As time was getting on, we decided to return to the apartment in order to freshen up ready for our trip into Darling Harbour to meet Lawrence and Barbara for dinner. Kerry was dead on her feet (I’m amazed she lasted so long today, considering that she’s just stepped off the plane after a 30 hour journey from the UK), so she decided to skip the evening’s entertainment and go to bed early. So it was just the five of us who headed into town on the train to meet Lawrence and Barbara.

We had arranged to meet outside the British Lolly Shop within the Harbourside Shopping Centre at the side of Darling Harbour and after the usual introductions and pleasantries we had a brief stroll around the harbour before entering the Hard Rock Cafe for some food. After dinner we did what all true Brits do and went to the pub! We was a bit worried about getting in some of the places, as we had Ciara with us but we were told so long as we were sat in the outside areas of the establishment then we wouldn’t fall fowl of the licensing laws. Luckily, we found a table with a couple of outdoor heaters parked next to it and spent an hour or so chewing the fat over a couple of beers. Unfortunately as the beers were going down, I was getting my ear bent by my Gail and mother who kept reminding me that before nI could go on the Bridge Climb tomorrow I would have to undertake a breath test!

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