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Thursday, 13th September, 2012

It’s been a busy week and it’s about to get even busier. This weekend we’re in Sydney not only to show the place to mum and dad but also to welcome Kerry to Australia and move her into an apartment she’s sourced in Double Bay over the weekend. Now that she’s finished off her Masters, Kerry wants to get some experience in the fashion industry and where better to do a three month internship than Sydney! Also, it’s near the folks so it’s not as though she’ll be thousands of miles from everyone.

As you know I’ve not got the biggest (or the best) car in the world, so to get everything we bought for Kerry up to Sydney, it was decided that Gail and my mum would take the coach up to Sydney this morning while my dad, Ciara and I would travel up in the car once Ciara and I had finished school and work for the day. So at four o’clock I jumped on the bike, rode home from the office, finished off loading up the car with the stuff Gail had left out. I’d already spoken to Gail, who had arrived in Sydney mid-afternoon and had made their way too and booked into the apartment we were using for the weekend.

Left the apartment at 5ish and drove the usual route up the Hume Highway onto the M5 into the city centre. My dad was navigating via the iPad (I must say he was only marginally better than Gail) and after four hours we were pulling up outside the apartment block in Double Bay. Gail and mother have already eaten dinner in the local hostelry, while we stopped for a Lamb Burger at MacDonald’s on the way up, so we’ve opted for an early night as we’re up early in the morning to get to the airport in order to meet Kerry off the place from the UK.

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