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Sunday, 9th  September, 2012

Another day, another run/walk on the beach and swim in the sea!

Today we planned to visit Brisbane City centre and then drop in on an old friend of Gail’s, Jackie Nunn and her husband, Gary on the way back to Broadbeach this evening. So after breakfast we packed the car and setting off for the freeway up to Brisbane. When we were planning the trip a few months ago, I was under the impression that Brisbane was actually on the coast and had its own beach etc. Jackie had warned us about this and told us that we would have been better off staying on the Gold Coast and spending a day in the city instead. She also told us that the city council had built a beach in the city itself and this area, Southbank, would be an ideal location for us to visit.

After a trouble free run into the city (A miracle considering Gail was navigating!), we parked up in the world’s most expensive car park (more of which later!) and proceeded to walk the short distance to the Parklands, which is where the Southbank’s Street Beach is located. We soon found out the whole place was buzzing and it didn’t take long for us to discover that we have timed our visit in the middle of the Spring Festival which meant that the streets were filled with markets , street performers and all sorts of fun events dotted around the area. After catching a couple of performances, we grabbed some lunch on the balcony of a bar/restaurant overlooking the beach where we could watch some of the event taking place there.

From here we took the RiverCat ferry across the Brisbane River into the Brisbane’s main shopping centre, Queen Street. As most people seemed to be across the water at the festival, the shops were pretty quiet but Gail managed to buy a new dress and I managed to purchase an aerial cityscape of Brisbane’s CBD for my growing collection. After walking the full length of Queen Street we found ourselves at the riverbank again, where we found a large selection of bars, cafes and restaurants, one of which sold our favourite German beer which we couldn’t pass up on. From here we could see the RiverCat terminal on the banks of the river, so when the ferry appeared around the river bend we ran to the jetty to catch it back to the South Banks. After strolling back through the Parklands we returned to the car park to collect the car. This proved more problematic than we thought as we could not remember which level we’d left the car on and the twenty or so minutes it took us to find took us over the optimum five hours parking which meant that we had to pay over $24 to get out of the car park.

We found Jackie and Gary’s place up in the Tamborine Mountains without any problems. However, as it was getting dark when we arrived, we couldn’t take a tour around their property which is spread across several acres of the hill side. So instead we parked ourselves out on their veranda for a curry and a couple of drinks. During the night we were joined by Mark, Butch and Butch’s girlfriend Naomi who were over from Salford on a year’s working holiday. Turns out that Naomi works with a good friend of Gail, small world! It was great to catch up with Jackie and Gary and although we wanted to stay the night and continue the fun, we knew we had to leave as we were scheduled to be out of the apartment by ten O’clock in the morning.

In the end it was well after midnight by the time we arrived back at the apartment and flopped into bed after another busy day.

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