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Saturday, 8th September, 2012

Up early again, and after updating photos, blogs and Facebook, left Gail sleeping in bed and took another run along the beach (walked most of the way but the intent was there!) and a dip in the sea. The weather today was fantastic, with the wind dropping to reveal a fairly claim sea and perfect visibility up and down the coast.

As soon as we’d finished breakfast we packed the car and drove up the Pacific Highway (M1) towards Oxenford, where we left the freeway and headed up Route 95 into the Tamborine Mountains. The Tamborine Mountains overlook the Gold Coast and contain all sorts of tourist attractions, a couple of which we planned to visit during the day before heading back into Broadbeach to meet up and have dinner with Christina Carroll, daughter of my very good friend Jimmy, who is has been living and working on the Gold Coast for a couple of months now.

As we climbed up the mountain road the scenery changed to firstly bush land then to thick, almost rainforest like, reserves. Through this we kept on getting glimpses of spectacular views out across the Gold Coast, but as the road was fairly narrow we couldn’t pull over and take a look. However, we soon came across a sign for Eagle Heights Mountain Resort, which was sat on a sharp bend on the road. Pulling into the car park revealed a low-rise building with hardly any windows with a two story motel type building attached to that, again with hardly any windows facing the car park. “Let’s give it a go”, I said to Gail as we approached the main entrance, “Besides, I need the toilet!”  Once we were inside we were amazed at the difference, the building we just walked into opened up into a huge bar/restaurant with floor to ceiling windows along one wall,  these windows lead out onto a massive beer garden that looked down on a fantastic view of the whole of the Gold Coast. We noticed that people were eating, so we decided to have an early lunch and grabbed a table on the terrace. Here, we were introduced to the famous Australia bird called the Kookaburra, one of which decided to pitch up on our table and pose for pictures.

Once we’d had our fill of the food and drink, the local wildlife and the views we moved on through the town of Tamborine to the Skywalk Centre where we took a walk along raised boardwalks high up in the rainforest canopy. It was great to see the different species of trees and plants that grow in a rainforest but we were disappointed that we didn’t see much in the way of wildlife either on the ground or in the air for that matter.

I’d spotted an interesting looking place on the map that was close by, so we drove over and then took a walk down Cedar Creek Falls which is a basically a footpath down the side of a creek that goes down the mountain side. The creek goes over some pretty impressive waterfalls and into some large pools which I would only imagine would be great from swimming in during the summer months.

On the way back into Broadbeach we decided to take the slightly slower but defiantly more picturesque route down the mountains on route 90. This took us through some beautiful little villages, on the way down we managed to contact Christina and arranged to meet her in the centre of Broadbeach for dinner.

We meet at the allotted time and place and after a bit of toing and froing we managed to get a table in an excellent restaurant called Koi (Turns out that Christina used to work there, but left under a bit of cloud several weeks earlier!). Christina was able to recommend some of the best dishes on the menu and we were soon chatting about all things Australia and Salford. After dinner, we retired to a couple of the local bars for drinks and we left each other with the promise that we would meet-up again in Sydney, where Christina was heading too in a couple of days’ time, the next time we were up there.

Great to see Christina while she is over here on her Aussie adventure!

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