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Friday, 7th September, 2012

Do you know the opening scene in the Bourne Supremacy, the one where Jason Bourne is sprinting along a beach in Goa for ages. Well forget that and think of some lumbering idiot stumbling along the sands on Broadbeach. That was me this morning. Woke up early and while Gail wanted to have a lie in, I decided to get up, get dressed and take a run along the beach and then have a swim! The first two parts were completed successfully with no problem, but the run part lasted about fifty yards before I settled for a fifteen minute walk down the beach before turning round and coming back to a spot where the surf life savers had set up their flags on the beach. Here I stripped down to my “Craig David’s” (It’s a long story and I’ll tell it to you one day!) and dived into the sea. The sea wasn’t too bad but the ‘rip’ was really strong and I struggled to stay within the flags as I could feel myself being pulled along the beach by the undercurrent.

After breakfast, we took a walk along the beach in the opposite direction to that what we took yesterday. The wind was nearly non-existent today and so was the haze that restricted the visibility yesterday, so we could see for miles up and down the coast. We came off the beach at Surfers Paradise, where we bumped into a couple of Meter Maids that patrol the streets in these parts. If you don’t know what a Meter Maid does, I suggest you look them up on the internet and then maybe you’ll understand why Gail wouldn’t let me have my picture taken with a couple of them! We wondered around town, looking at the sights and shops, for what seemed hours, so by the time we got back to the apartment we were starving. We decided to get a quick change of clothes and head up the coast towards the Palazzo Versace Hotel for a look around and maybe a bite to eat. You’ll probably know The Palazzo as the hotel that the ‘Celebs’ go to when they’re kicked out of the jungle in the UK TV show, “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!”.

When we arrived at the front entrance we were a bit disappointed, as it looks a lot bigger and grander on the telly, especially when you consider it’s right next door to a shopping centre and not miles from anywhere as they make it out to look. In fact there’s a MacDonald’s just to the left of the main entrance! However, once we got inside the main lobby it looked every part the six star hotel that it is. Found a nice spot just near the pool and ordered some coffee and food from the bar (was doing to have ‘high tea’ but it worked out at $55 each!). The staff were very efficient and attentive and we were soon stuck up in conversation with a couple of them about all things “I’m a celebrity”.

Drove back into Surfers to take a trip up Q1 (The tallest building on the Gold coast) to the observation deck on the 77th floor called Skypoint which has some pretty spectacular views of the Gold Coast. From here we could see the Friday Night market on the boardwalk at Surfers and so after a couple of drinks and we headed down to take a look round the various stalls selling all sorts of gifts, collectables and products from around Australia. Dotted around the market were a few stalls offering personal treatments such as Chinese massage, body scrubs (which I bought) and threading (which Gail had done to her).

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