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Thursday, 6th September, 2012

When my mum and dad were planning their trip to Australia, they told Gail and me to book ourselves a short break away, whilst they would stay in Canberra and look after Ciara. Not wanting to look a ‘gift horse’ in the mouth, we booked a five day break up here on the Gold Coast and today was our first day in Broadbeach, where we plan to soak up the winter sun, visit some friends and generally take a look around the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

So after dropping Ciara off at school this morning (tried to look suitably upset at leaving her behind!) my dad took us to the airport for our flight at 9:30. Had a bit of drama just before we boarded the plane, when we were pulled to one side by the ground crew, but it turned out that they wanted us to move seats so that we were sat in the emergency exit row, good for me as I got the extra leg room. I also managed to snag the window (a rarity when I’m flying with Gail or Ciara!) and after flying for an hour or so I spotted  Mal Maninga of Canberra Raiders and Australian Rugby League fame seated a couple of rows in front of us. Apart from this, the flight was fairly uneventful and after we landed Gail collected our bags from the carousel while I went to the Thrifty Car Rental desk to sort out the hire car we had booked previously.

I got a bit of a shock when I loaded up the iPad maps app with the address of the apartments we had booked in Broadbeach, as it told me we was nearly 90km away from the airport. Now, I’m a bloke and as a bloke you just know how to read a map and understand how to pass this information on to others. Gail, of course, is a woman and as such, she hasn’t got a clue where maps and directions are concerned. So, when we loaded up the car and headed out of the compound towards the freeway, I asked Gail to follow the route plotted by Google maps. However, after a couple of k’s I had to pull over and check that we were on the correct path. A quick tutorial on how to use the software later, we were soon on our way down the coast towards Surfer Paradise and Broadbeach. After a couple of wrong turns along the way, we were soon pulling into the Oceania Apartments. Although we arrived well before our checking-in time, our apartment was ready for occupation and we went up to the fourth floor for a quick look before heading off to grab some lunch. We did our research before we booked out accommodation, so we expected the apartment to be comfortable with a sea view. But we were shocked at firstly the size of the place and then by the way it was furnished, the pictures below do not do the place justice. As we were right on the beach, we decided to take a walk along it down into Broadbeach. Again, as you can see from the pictures, the beach was very nearly deserted and we soon found our way to the Kurrawa Surf Club where we had a burger and a couple of beers. Took a quick tour around the centre of town and then walked back to unpack and get ready for a night out on the tiles.

We weren’t too sure where to go for our first night out but after asking a couple of people at the complex we decided to give the Jupiter’s Casino a go. It was a longer walk than we expected, but once we arrived at the main entrance we was immediately hit by the sheer size of the place and this was reinforced by the vast gambling hall where it was wall to wall Pokies, roulette and poker tables. We spent a bit of time inside the gaming room watching people lose various sums of money, before we headed out to the Atrium bar for a couple of drinks. This was followed by a rather nice meal in the lobby restaurant. As we was pretty full after the meal, we decided to take the walk back to the apartment and after a cup of tea out on the balcony (couldn’t do that back in Canberra!) fell into bed.

Tomorrow we’re off to explore Surfers paradise and beyond.


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