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Tuesday, 17 July, 2012

I was up early this morning in order to start the packing for our journey home. As usual Ciara was fast asleep and I had to dig her out of bed in so that we could get the cases loaded in the car and sort the apartment out ready for our departure. It’s strange that for an eight day trip we managed to fill two large suitcases and a couple of backpacks. Mind you, with all the electronic gear we take with us these days, I’m not surprised!

I wanted to take one last walk along the beach to Hillarys Boat Harbour for breakfast but Ciara voted me down as usual! Treated myself to large full breakfast (well, I didn’t know when we were going to eat again!) at The Dome and we took a last walk around the shops.

As our flight was not till six O’clock in the evening, we had a few hours to kill. Therefore we needed to find something to do with ourselves. Lisa had told us of a couple options last night and so  it was a toss-up between the Aqua Marine Centre at the Boat Harbour or Whiteman’s Park on the way to the airport. I let Ciara decide and she plumbed for the park, which we were informed also had an excellent wildlife centre (Caversham Wildlife Park) inside it. We entered the details into the iPad maps app and with Ciara navigating we soon arrived at the gates to the park. We soon discovered that Whiteman Park is a massive reserve with all sorts going on inside it, but we headed straight for the wildlife park as time was not on our side. After parking up and paying the entrance fee to the zoo, we were soon surrounded by all sorts of wildlife from Australia and beyond. We spent an hour or so wondering around the various enclosures marvelling at the rich and varied wildlife that Australia has to offer.

The highlight of the afternoon for both of us was the encounters we had with Koalas and Kangaroos. Apparently there are a couple different types of Koalas, the Queensland Koala where kept inside a hothouse like structure as they like the temperature and humidity to be kept quite high, so we couldn’t get too close to them. The NSW Koala isn’t so fussy so it was with great excitement that one of the keepers asked us to enter the enclosure and let us get close to one of them. Ciara was desperate to hold one of these fantastic creatures in her arms, but we were told that it’s not allowed in any state, other than Queensland, to hold a Koala. Still, we were able to stroke the fur of a sleeping Koala and I got some great pictures. In the centre of the park, there’s a large fenced off area that you can enter via a spring loaded gate in the fence. Inside this area there were dozens of Kangaroos from different parts of the Australia. We soon realised that most of these animals were completely tame and provided we didn’t try to jump on their back, like some of the kids were doing, you could hand feed them with the food provided or simply get in amongst them and give them a good stroke.

Finally, we had to drag ourselves away from the Kangaroos and jump in the car to drive to the airport and out flight back to Canberra. The only problem we had with this was losing two hours of our lives due to the time zones in WA and the ACT. Great flight back on a brand new Qantas Boeing, with the latest in entertainment systems and seat comfort. Thanks again to James for picking us up late at night from Canberra airport and delivering us safely to our apartment.

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