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Monday, 16th July, 2012

Up early this morning for our last full day in Perth. Today, we planned to meet up with Lisa and her youngest son Adam for a trip into Fremantle, which lies on the coast straddling the mouth of the Swan River that leads into Perth CBD. Lisa told us that she would be picking us up at One O’clock so we need to can our act together in order to be ready in time and as you know with Ciara around, that wouldn’t be an easy task.

Breakfast, as usual, was taken at The Dome. Every day of our stay so far we’ve driven the short distance to Hillary’s Boat Harbour for breakfast, so for the last couple days we decided to walk (well me really, Ciara still wanted to drive!). I think the staff are getting to know us now I’m sure they were pleased to see us again after being away for a few days. Ciara, decided to be a bit more adventurous with her selection and had ham on toast with a large glass of orange juice. As we had a bit of time on our hands, we took a stroll round the shops to see if I could find the elusive aerial shot of Perth CBD for my growing collection of city scapes.

We still had time to sort some stuff out in the apartment in preparation for our trip home before we met Lisa and Adam, as arranged, on the forecourt of the garage next to our complex. Turns out that Adam had driven his mum’s car for the first time today and he was looking quite pleased with himself as we set of for the drive down to ‘Fero’. Lisa suggested that we take the coast road so that we could see some of the coastal towns on the way down and we passed through North Beach, Scarborough, City Beach, Cottesole, etc until we reached North Fremantle and crossing over the river into South Fremantle. I’d heard that Freemantle Prison was a excellent tourist ‘attraction’ and after discussing it on the way down we decided to park up there for the day and take a visit.

 Turns out the Fremantle prison was built by the prisoners’ from one of the first few fleets from Britain many years ago. It was added too over the years and was still the main prison for male and females prisoners in WA, right up to the 70’s when it was closed down due to the lack of ‘amenities’ for the inmates. None of the cells were ever fitted with a toilet or running water and even electricity wasn’t installed into the cells until the latter stages of the prisons working life. We learnt these and other interesting facts from the excellent tour guide Steve, who delivered the monologue in a such a deadpan matter that it totally added to the fascinating history of the prison. One of the most chilling parts of the tour was when we entered the execution chamber where many a prison was despatched to his maker. The whole group fell silent when Steve was describing the procedure undertaken to prepare a prisoner for the death sentence and I for one jump when he pull the lever that opened the trap-door on the gallows.

The prison tour lasted a couple of hours, which give us plenty of time to take a look around the Round House on the harbour wall, then the historic and beautiful town centre before we had to pitch up at the ice rink on The Esplanade for our five O’clock reservation on the ice. The ice rink was one these small portable jobbies that town and cities around the world throw up in order to attract a few more visitors. The only problem with this one was that the ice seemed to melting in the middle, so it was with a bit of trepidation that the four of us donned our boots and ventured onto the ice. I’ve never been the most co-ordinated of people at the best of times , but with a large pool of water standing in the middle of the rink I was determined not to fall over and get a soaking. Something I can’t say for poor Lisa as after twenty of so minutes of flawless skating she was taken out by a little kid who cut her up and she landed smack in the middle of the water. It was heard not to laugh, although I think Ciara did! But Lisa was so wet she had to come off the ice and go into town to buy a new set of underwear and jeans to wear. Whilst she was doing that, Adam, Ciara and I continued on the ice until we were called off at the end of the session.

By the time we had changed, Lisa was back resplendent in her new clothes and we went off to find somewhere to eat. During the meal, I mentioned that we should visit the Little Creatures Brewery, which was located just off The Esplanade. Little Creatures do a range of excellent beers which are sold all over Australia, but I wanted to taste  one or two of them in place where they are brewed and haven’t  had to travel for thousands of miles. Turns out that the brewery is housed in a smart new building with glass walls so that you can see everything that goes on inside. The centre of which is a massive pub which serves the beer direct from what looked like the holding vessels behind the bar.

On the way back to Sorrento we were discussing what we should do on our last day in Perth. I was planning on going to the Sea Centre at Hillary’s Boat Harbour but then Lisa suggested that we go to the Whiteman’s Park which has a wildlife park inside. So it there that we’re off to tomorrow, I think the chance of holding a Koala tipped it for Ciara.

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