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Sunday, 15th July, 2012

Woke up this morning with a bit of a sore head (I wonder why?), left Ciara to sleep on and joined Marjorie and Ray for breakfast in the kitchen. Here we planned our day ahead and soon both Ciara and Joey joined us. At this point we had the strange sight of six people all comparing the photos, apps and various merits of their first, second and third generation iPads, bizarre! The weather wasn’t looking too bad so we opted to visit a few of the beaches in the Bunbury area. After that Ciara and I would leave for home passing through Mandurah on the way.

After packing our stuff away, we joined Ray, Marjorie and Joey in their car for a drive around the Leschenaut Inlet and on to a massive beach on Georaphe Bay. Ray said the beach stretched for miles down the coast towards Bunbury and it looked as though we were the only people on it. The suggestion was made to drive down the length of it in the four wheel drive but certain members of our party vetoed that idea, so we drove back along the coast road through Bunbury and on the a beach that they called Back Beach. This one could be classed as the town beach and as such it had lots of facilities on it, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Surf Life Saving Club etc. Again nobody was  on it, save for a couple of intrepid surfers who were in the water despite the fact there had been a shark attack in the region only a couple days earlier. After visiting a couple more beaches we returned to Ray’s place to pack the car and prepare for the journey back to Perth.

Everyone we spoke too, whilst we were in Perth, had nothing both good things to say about Mandurah, so after saying our goodbyes to Ray, Marjorie, Jessica and Joey (Jack still hadn’t returned from his night out in Perth!) we set off for a look. Ray had told us that, in typical Australian fashion, most of the shops, cafes, and restaurants closed at 5pm, so we were cutting it fine when we rolled in at 16:30. However, as we drove along the boardwalk and into the new harbour area of the town, we soon released that the Australians had surpassed themselves today by closing up early. So, as the sun was setting over the sea, we took the opportunity to take some pictures on the beach and set off again for home.


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