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Friday, 13th July, 2012

Despite the forecast, this morning the weather was bright and breezy. Took our usual trip down to the Dome at Hillary’s and returned to the apartment to pack for our two day road trip down the coast to see Phill, Ray and their families. I had arranged to meet Phill at the jetty on Riverside Drive at 15:45, which was after he had finished work and the plan was to drive down to his place in Wambro, Rockingham. This meant that we had plenty of time to drive into town and take a closer look at Kings Park which we visited for a brief time on the tour bus yesterday.

Kings Park is a huge park that overlooks Perth CBD and is filled with all sorts of monuments, gardens, walkways, cafes, restaurants etc. managed to park in what seemed to be the last parking space in the central car park and immediately went over to the Two River’s lookout which offered a spectacular view of the Swan River and Darling Escarment. Prior to my trip over to Perth I had been reminded that my cousin Mike & his wife Emma got married in Kings Park. Mike had told me that the actual ceremony had taken place at the bandstand near the war memorial, so we went over to it and took some pictures with the iPad and then placed them on Facebook for them to see. It was great to talk to Mike, as earlier in the day he had informed us of the birth of their first son, Thomas William. Congratulations to Mike & Emma and I look forward to seeing Thomas.

We continued around the park taken some excellent pictures of both the park and the view from it. Grabbed some lunch from the take-a-way café and ate it sitting on one the immaculately manicured lawns. Ciara even thought that they were artificial! We left the park in good time to pick Phill up from the Jetty, but with me trying to be a clever sod and ignoring Ciara’s instructions I manage to drive us round in circles for a while until we managed to turn onto Riverside drive and pick Phill up at 4 O’Clock. Of course, this being Friday, rush hour had already started to build up and as soon as we joined the freeway heading south to Phill’s place, we hit traffic. However, with Phill’s local knowledge, we were soon pulling up at his place in Wambro.

Phill’s wife, Pauline, and their two daughters’, Sam and Nicola, were waiting for us and after a quick tour round their house we were soon chatting like long lost buddies. Hang on a sec, we are long lost buddies! Phill and Nicola, his youngest child, then took us a quick spin round Wambro, Rockingham and its surrounds. After unpacking a few things and getting Pauline to iron my shirt (Cheeky!), five of us were supposed to be driving up to Rockingham to have a meal at Sunsets. However, Nicola and Ciara had other ideas and they informed us that they planned to go to Nandos for the evening and then pick us up from the restaurant. So it was just the three of us, Sam had already arranged to go to a party at a friend’s house, who enjoyed an excellent meal at the restaurant. We then moved along the strip to another restaurant where we had a pint or two of Guinness before returning to Phill and Pauline’s house once the girls had re-joined us.

Back at the house we had a few more beers while Phill dug out a couple of his old albums than contained pictures of us in various football and basketball teams while we were at school. Ciara, Sam and Nicola had a good laugh at my afro, which I took exception too as I was very proud of my afro!


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