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Wednesday, 11th July, 2012

Woke early this morning, can’t seem to shake off the need to get up for work. Considered making some breakfast but Ciara wanted to go back to The Dome at Hillary’s Boat Harbour, so we got ready and drove up there. It was a beautiful day, so we sat on the outside terrace taking in the sights and sounds of the marina. Bloody seagulls are a pain in the arse!

Whilst we were there, I spoke to Phill Bird, an old school mate, who immigrated to Perth about twenty years ago and we arranged to meet in the CBD for a coffee and catch up. Now me being the adventurous type, I suggested to Ciara that we should take the bus and train into Perth. The trains leading into town run along the central reservation of the freeways and I’ve noticed that many of the stations have an integrated bus terminus sat on top of top or somewhere nearby. Ciara wasn’t so keen, so we agreed to drive to one of the stations, park up in the ‘park n ride’ car park then jump on the train. Easier said than done! When we arrived at the first station we drove round and round the car park looking for a free space without any success, never mind, I said, we’ll try the next station. Same story there and as time was pushing on and we were due to meet Phill, we ended up driving into the CBD and parking up. I think Ciara was secretly laughing at me but she didn’t let on!

Meet Phill outside the train station and went into one of the many Dome coffee shops for a chat. It was good to see Phill again and we arranged to go down to his place on Friday, so that we could meet his family and have dinner. Also, spoke to Ray (Gripper) on the phone and arranged to travel further south to their place on Saturday. Therefore, I think we’ll probably stay at Phills on Friday and Gripper’s on Saturday as we’ve got a couple of trips planned while we’re down there.

When Phill returned to work, we went shopping! Was very surprised at the stamina Ciara showed during the four hours we were wondering round the many shopping streets within the CBD. Returned back to the apartment to change for dinner and after taking a drive down the coast to look for a suitable restaurant we decided to grab something to eat at one of the places near our resort. We had a choice of two places, a pizzeria and a posh looking restaurant called White Salt. Left the decision to Ciara and to my surprise she went of the White Salt. Meal was nice, if a bit overpriced, and I think Ciara was regretting the choice afterwards.


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