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Tuesday, 10th July, 2012

After arriving late last night and flopping into bed without unpacking, I woke up this morning to a bit of a grey day, but at least it was dry. Left Ciara to have a sleep, checked-in at reception and took a quick walk across the road to the beach and then along a small parade of shops, cafes, restaurants and a garage to buy a few things before returning to the apartment.

When I finally managed to drag Ciara out of bed, we jumped into the car and drove the short distance up to Hillary’s Boat Harbour to find somewhere to have breakfast. After checking out all the different restaurants on offer, Ciara plumed for The Dome, which sits on the frontage facing the marina. The big breakfast and orange juice were excellent and set us both up nicely for the day.

We then took a drive up along the coast road to look at some of the fabulous houses along there and when we got bored of that, we took a trip over to the Lakeside Shopping Centre ( in order to buy some provisions for use in the apartment back at the resort. As we were near the freeway that leads into Perth city centre, we decided to drive into town so that we could have a look round. Ciara was map reading using the iPad mapping app and she soon had us driving round the CBD. Earlier in the day, we had arranged to meet Lisa (an old neighbour of ours), her husband Paul and their two children, Tom and Adam for dinner. So at 15:30 we started to make our way back to the freeway in order to travel back to our apartment to get changed before we drove up to Lisa’s. However, when we reached the freeway it started to pour down and the traffic got really heavy. I didn’t realise that over on this side of the country, people start work early and finish early, meaning that rush hour starts at around three in the afternoon. So the journey that took us twenty minutes on the way down, took us forty five going back and therefore we decided to drive straight to Lisa’s house.

Lisa, Paul, Tom and Adam were waiting for us and after a quick drink and look around their house up in the northern suburbs of Perth, the six of us set off to The Boat Ale House in Mindarie, where we enjoyed a great meal, a few beers and a good chat about all things Salford. We left Lisa’s place at around ten thirty, having arranged to meet up again in Freemantle at the weekend.

Postscript: Before we left Canberra Ciara was suffering from a head cold and now I think she’s given it to me.

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