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Monday, 9th july, 2012

Isn’t great when you know you’ve got two weeks away from work!

Woke up early, in fact at exactly the same time I normally wake up for work, but this time I just rolled over and went back to sleep. Finally dragged myself out of bed at 10ish and made breakfast for Ciara and myself. Laid out my clothes for the trip over to Perth and after looking at what Ciara had put out, I realised we would need two case instead of the one I wanted to take. Ciara wanted to wash her hair and so I took the opportunity to ride over to the gym for a quick session before I jumped in the shower and packed my case. Left Ciara to do hers and to my surprise she managed to get everything into it without too much difficulty.

James had offered to give us a lift to the airport and he came round to the apartment just as we were finishing off tea (Dinner to my Australian friends!). I was pretty glad that he offered, as my plan to catch the bus to the airport was thwarted dues to the fact that the bus doesn’t go to the airport! Strange that, maybe something to do with the fact that a certain coach company seem to have the monopoly on the route from the airport to the city centre and they charge $15 a head each way for a journey the public bus would do for $2.60. Cheeky!

At the airport, we checked-in without any dramas and I bought some sweets a newspaper, magazines and a book each for us. It’s funny how I always end up paying for Ciara’s stuff! The plane was a little late arriving from its previous destination, but once we boarded and pushed back from the gate, we were only twenty or so minutes late. There weren’t many spare seats left but there was plenty of room for me and once we’d taken off we settled into the usual routine of drinks, meal, read, movie then try to sleep. As it was dark, there wasn’t much to see out of the window so we didn’t get to see much of Perth on the way into landing. Picked up the keys for the hire car from the Thrifty desk inside the terminal while Ciara grabbed the bags from the luggage carousel and once we located the car, a Mitsubishi Outlander, we were soon on our way to the apartment in Sorrento on the north side of the city.

Ciara had the responsibility of map reading using the excellent Google Direction software on the iPad and after only one wrong turn, we were pulling up at the reception of the Sorrento Beach Resort. When I booked the accommodation we were informed that we would need to retrieve the apartment keys from a night safe, but as we parked the car the receptionist was just finishing his shift and came out of the office to give us the keys and welcome pack. The first floor apartment we’ve been allocated has two bedrooms, bathroom with shower over the batch, a laundry room with another shower, a large living cum dining room with a kitchen leading of that and a large balcony with a decent view of the small swimming pool and the Indian Ocean!

Perth is two hours behind Canberra (which makes it seven hours ahead of the UK), so although the local time said midnight it was really 2am in the morning and we were feeling fairly tried so we just had a quick chat with Gail via Skype and took ourselves off to bed without unpacking anything.

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