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Sunday, 24th June, 2012

In the past few months, we’ve been for walks up mountains (Mt. Taylor, Mt. Ainslie, Black Mountain etc.) around lakes (Burley Griffin and Tuggeranong) and through the suburbs that surround ours, but we’ve never been up and over the hill behind our apartment complex, Red Hill.  Red Hill and the nature reserve it sits in, is a large protected area between the suburbs of Red Hill on the right of it and Garran, Hughes & Deakin to the left.

I’ve got some bad memories of Red Hill, as this was the hill I attempted to climb on the first day I got my mountain bike. In the end it beat me and I ended pushing the bike up most of the track I was following and nearly killing myself on the downhill slope on the other side. So, after a late start this morning (lie in after watching Black Caviar win at Royal Ascot late the previous evening), Gail suggested that we take a walk up to the top after breakfast. So, after asking Ciara to join us and getting the usual response, we set off up the road to find the start of the track leading to the summit.

It was another beautiful day in the ACT and when we as we approached the top of the first hill we were greeted to a spectacular view of Woden Valley with Garran and the Canberra Hospital in the foreground, Woden town centre in the middle and the Brindebella Mountains ranges in the distance. At the top of the second hill we were surprised to find the Red Hill Lookout, which we’ve visited many times in the past, but driving up to it from the opposite direction. Again the views were spectacular, only this time we were looking down on The Parliamentary Triangle, Lake Burley Griffin and Civic with the mountains in the background.

Although we thought we had climbed the biggest hill up to the lookout at 740m we soon discovered that there was another one in the distance that was just as high. So, after we had taken a rest, eaten our apples and had a toilet break it was time to go and conquer Mt. Davidson, before making our way down to our place and lunch.

Actually, it was only a small detour but sounds good to say we conquered it!


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