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Sunday, 17th June, 2012

Since I arrived in Australia I’ve put on nearly a stone and half in weight and even though I ride my bike to work every day and I’ve recently joined the gym, I can’t seem to shed the lbs.

Gail has been telling for ages that I need to control my intake of food and drink. “What’s wrong with my diet” I say. Well, she says, there’s the beer, chocolate, cakes, sweets (lollies for my Australian friends), peanut butter, pies etc. etc.

A few weeks ago, Barry told us that he’d started a extreme three week diet that claimed a potential 7kg weight loss and a few days ago we saw the difference in him as he neared the end of the program. We immediately bought a copy of the men’s fitness magazine that he used in order to check it out and after taking a look we both decided to give it a go.

So, for a few days now, we been preparing ourselves and the kitchen for the start of the diet. Basically, we will be eating six meals a day. For the first week we’ll follow the same meal plan each day, then change to a slightly different menu for the second week and finally a third plan for the last week.

Below, I’ve taken a picture of each of the six meals we’ve had today and these will be the same meals we’ll have for the net seven days. I’ll update you on our progress next week, with what we’ve eaten, how we feel and any weight loss to date (although the magazine says that weight loss may not happen in the first week or so).

Oh yes, the plan recommends that we consume 7 litres of water a day!


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