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Saturday, 9th June, 2012

As we had an extra day off for the Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday, we decided to head up the Sydney for the weekend. The plan was to let Ciara go into the Hair Saloon for her normal Saturday shift and then head off to Lawrence and Barbara’s in Sydney. Barbara had already booked to see a show at their club, so we told her that we would tag along with them which meant that we needed to be at their house by 6.00pm in order to get changed and ready for the courtesy bus that was picking us up at 6.30pm.

One thing I’ve learnt about driving in Australia is that you don’t speed! There are speed traps everywhere, fixed cameras, patrol cars, mobile radar vans, average speed cameras etc. Also, the penalties for being caught are severe, so you get the bizarre sight of these souped up Fords, Holden’s, Subarus, etc. tootling along the road at the posted maximum speed (110kph (68mph) on the freeways between major cities), not daring to go any faster, being outpaced by huge big lorries pulling two or three trailers and old bangers, like our car. This is reinforced even more so on Public Holiday weekends as they run a scheme, where if you’re caught for any motoring offence during the weekend, the points deducted from your licence are doubled and I think the fines are increased as well. “Double Demerit”, they call it, so you’ve been warned!

Anyway, we had to leave by 3pm to travel the 290km up to Lawrence and Barbara’s in south western Sydney and it took us 3 hours exactly, so we were in plenty of time to throw on our glad rags and jump on the bus to the club. Now, I’ve probably mentioned this before, but some of the sports and social clubs in Sydney are massive, with numerous cafes, restaurants, bars, function rooms and concert halls contained within them. Bankstown Sports Club is one of those clubs, as some of the picture below will show. However, we wasted no time in heading for the Greenford Bistro where we tucked into some fantastic food before rushing up to the showroom to catch the show which was due to start at 8pm.

Gene Pitney, now there’s a name to conjure with, “24 hours to Tulsa”, “Something’s Gotten Hold on My Heart” are the only two songs that I could think off the top of my head, but the guy leading the tribute, Jon Palmer,  told us that Mr Pitney recorded over 400 songs and had many hits over the years. It was a surprisingly good show and I think even Ciara enjoyed herself, even though she spent most of the time on BBM. After the show we had a couple of drinks down in one the bars before jumping back on the shuttle bus ride home.

When got to the house, I broke out the laptop and using the mobile broadband dongle, Skyped back to Gail’s sisters house in the UK, where a party was in full swing for her youngest daughter’s birthday. Ciara told us the next morning that she found it all very amusing, as we were all trying to talk (shout) at the screen at the same time and that the same thing was happening on the other end.

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