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 Tuesday, 5th June, 2012

I’ve got a secret passion and it keeps me awake at nights. Since January we’ve been going to the Tuesday Trivia Night at the Hellenic Club in Woden. It started as a bit of harmless fun for Gail, Ciara and I, along with Barry and Nick. Since then, we’ve roped in Patrick and his wife, Michelle, Lyndal from the office and her husband, Nick, plus any ‘out of Staters’ who are looking for a night out after work. We learnt from an early stage that we’re not good enough to win the first or second prizes on offer, but we’ve become quite adapt and picking up Lucky Seventh, which gets you four bottles of wine, and one or two of the spot prizes (a jug of beer from the bar).

The format is brilliant, two rounds of twenty questions on a range of topics which usually include Music, Geography, Sport, Entertainment and identifying people, objects etc. from a ‘pic-a-mix’ sheet handed out at the start of the night. Interspersed amongst this are three or four Spot Prizes, which constitutes a question where each team must write down the answer and bring it to the quiz master at the front of the room. The first team with the correct answer gets the token which can be exchanged for a jug of whatever you fancy (We usually choose beer!) from the bar. At the end of each round, Dominick (the quiz Master from Fame Trivia ) collects each teams answer sheet and then reads out the correct answer for each of the questions asked in that round. At the end of the second round there’s a game of ‘Heads n tails’ where the winner gets another token and the prizes are handed out. Finally there’s a jackpot round, where three really hard questions are read out and each team has two minutes top write down their answers before they are collected. The Hellenic Club puts in $50 a week into the Jackpot and any team that gets all three questions correct wins the jackpot, otherwise it is rolled over til the next week.

There is normally around 15-20 teams involved ranging from the serious quiz teams who obviously tour the ACT during the week, playing all the Trivia Nights in order to scoop up the prize money to the hopeless. I’ll leave you to decide which one we are, but our stated aim each week is to win the wine! Oh, our team name is ‘Gail Force’, although it has been known to change from time to time.

With thanks to the members of Gail Force so far:-

Alex , Angela, Barry, Ciara, Fiona, Gail, Gary, Gavin, Jamie, James, Kerry, Luciano, Lyndal, Mark, Michelle B, Michelle G, Nick M, Nick P, Patrick, Tanya and Vinny.

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