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Sunday, 3rd June, 2012

Three Sunday’s and three different walks round the basins of lake Burley Griffin!

Today, after a trip into Fyshwick Markets to pick up some cheap Leffe blonde and dark beers we spotted the other day, the weather cleared enough in the afternoon for us to do a quickie, round the smallest of the three basins’ that make up Burley Griffin. The Central basin, at 5km, is easily the most popular with locals and visitors, especially on weekends and today was no exception, with loads of joggers, cyclist, dog walkers and tourist out making the most of the sunny day. There’s plenty to see on the way round, like the many memorials (Have I told you before, that the Canberrians like a memorial or two!)  to various people and institutions, The National Carillon, the Australian of the Year walk, RG Menzies walk, Captain Cook’s Memorial  Jet (not working at the moment due to the blue algae problem in the lake, I think) , Blundells Cottage and the list goes on (Click here to see what’s on around the Central Basin of Lake Burley Griffin).

At the end of the walk we sat down and had a well-deserved coffee (we’re getting quite good at this coffee lark!) at the edge of the water and watched the world go by for a while before nipping into Costco, Woolworths, up at Majura Park, for some shopping and the office in Woden, to drop off my shirts, socks and underpants for the week.

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