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Saturday, 7th April, 2012

Up early to make the most of the day. Wrong! However I did managed to get everyone up and out by around midday. Kerry, Ciara and Vinny were planning on hitting Chapel Street to check out the Top Shop located along there. Kerry had long planned a trip to Top Shop and other ‘British’ high street clothes outlets in Melbourne so that she could include them  in her dissertation that she’s submitting for degree. Gail and I planned to take a trip around Melbourne CBD and see what took our fancy during the day.

Once we had seen the others off on the tram down towards Chapel Street, we spotted a large gathering of people in Federation Square watching one of the acts that were taking part in the Melbourne comedy week. This group were from France, or at least I think they were as they spoke with thick French accents, and they were extremely funny, performing all sorts of tricks and sketches in front of maybe a thousand people who were lapping up the entertainment. After they had finished we jumped on the free bus that went round the various tourist spots in and around the Melbourne CBD. The bus got pretty packed at times and it was difficult see what the on board commentary was pointing out at times, but we got most of what it was saying and it give us some ideas of what to do later in the day. At the end of the tour, we took a walk amongst the shops and cafes that made up the ‘Southside’ of the River Yarra. Here we spotted some more street performers entertaining a group of kids with a very good ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party’ complete a ‘White Rabbit’ who had the children spellbound by his antics. We took the opportunity to grab a long lunch in one of the bars along the river bank and then walked back to Federation Square to meet up with the gang, who were returning from the shopping trip. Once again, there was a massive crowd on the steps of the square. This time watching a guy, who turned out to be English, who performed a fantastically funny show involving various members of the audience, including Kerry when she inadvertently walked through the middle of it!

On the way back to the apartment to change for the evening, Ciara treated us all to a coffee at Starbucks. We don’t have Starbucks in Canberra, so she likes to grab a cream caramel when she can! We returned to the square to look for something to eat, where Ciara announced that she wanted to eat Italian, so we ended up in a little place on the edge of the square that had a free table in the restaurant. There were a few outside, but the weather had turned a little cool, so we were glad that we could eat inside. Food turned out to be excellent. However, I was accused of ‘food envy’ after I had eaten my rather small portion of steak and was caught several times looking longingly at everybody else’s meals. Managed to find our way back to the apartment without getting lost this time!


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