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Good Friday, 6th April, 2012

Up early to move the car before the traffic wardens hit the streets. Just opposite where I parked was a car park that had an Easter Holiday special of $6 day so I the car was dumped in there for the weekend and I returned to the apartment for breakfast.

In the rest of the world, except Ireland, Good Friday would be a near normal day, but this is Australia and the bloody place closes down. Got the impression from everyone that nothing would be open today and by walking the streets after breakfast we could see that nothing much was open. Most tourist attractions were not operating and horror of horrors, the shops were closed. So we jumped on the number 95 tram down to St. Kilda for a day on the beach. Didn’t have time to buy tickets, so we just jumped knowing that we could get them on broad. Problem we had no change and the tram was packed with people who had the same idea as us. Managed to scratch enough change to grab a couple of tickets and we promised ourselves that we would buy the remainder of them on the way back, good job the ticket inspectors didn’t get on. Jumped off at The Esplanade and walked down to the beach front which was packed with Melbournites who, like us, had nothing else to do on a Good Friday afternoon. Turned out that everything along the seaside boardwalk was open as usual and we soon found a nice spot on the beach to pitch our stuff. After a spot of sunbathing, Gail and I took a walk along the beach and grabbed a spot of lunch. This didn’t go down well with the others so after an hour or so of moaning we went into the Republica Cafe for our tea before returning the CBD to get ready for the evening.

After such a beautiful day, the evening wasn’t looking too good. With high winds bringing cold air in from the sea, going out around the town wasn’t going to be an option. Therefore, we opted for a walk over to the Crown Casino on the ‘SouthBank’ which is a massive Hotel, Shopping, Restaurant and Casino complex on the south bank of the river Yarra. When we entered the complex, we were like kids in a sweet shop and even though most of the shops were closed for Good Friday, we were soon running round the place checking out the various attractions. Ciara, wasn’t old enough to enter the main Casino hall, so Kerry, Vinny and I took a quick tour along the length of the casino before meeting up with Gail & Ciara for an evening meal within one of the many restaurants.

On the way home, I managed to get us all lost and a journey that should have taken us 10/15 minutes lasted nearly an hour. Gail wasn’t happy and that’s another story….

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