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Sunday, 4th March, 2012

After a couple of weeks of near biblical rain, the weather cleared enough for me to join Mark on one of his now famous walks!  In order the kill two birds with one stone, we decided to take in a bit of sightseeing at Black Mountain (Telstra Tower) whilst retracing my steps for the ’Verticool’ challenge 2012 by walking from the bottom to the top.

So after dropping Ciara and Gail off in the centre of Civic to do some shopping, we firstly took the car up to MT. Ainslie Lookout where you can take in a near perfect view of Canberra’s unique layout. Except, on this day you couldn’t, as it was foggy! Anyway, we hung around for long enough for the cloud base was lift so that we could see down Anzacs Parade and into Civic. We then drove over to the base of Black Mountain in order to start our trek up.

I told Mark it would take us around 30/40 minutes to reach the top (going of my one and only other hike up there during the ’Verticool’ challenge). However, after only a couple of hundred yards, we came across a raging torrent of a ‘river’ cutting across the pathway. Obviously, the recent rains had brought tons of water down the hillside and what was once a small stream was now impassable.   After several minutes of trying to find a way through, over or round this obstacle we gave up and returned to the car. Not to be defeated, I suggested that we re-visit one of the Canberra peaks that I have ‘conquered’ many times in the past few months, Mount Taylor.

So, off we drove again in the car and we soon arrived at the base of Mt. Taylor just off Sulwood Drive, between Torrens and Kambah. At the start of the walk, we were nearly thwarted again by another river of water swollen by the recent rains, but this time we managed to clear it with a mighty jump and we were soon on our way.

I remember the first time I ‘did’ this hill and it nearly killed me (not that I showed it, as I was with one of my bosses from work and I didn’t want to show him any weakness). But this time I breezed it and the both of us were soon at the top enjoying the view, where I took my now customary shoot of subject in the foreground and Woden town centre in the background. Oh yes, the sun came out to play and it turned into a beautiful summers evening.


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