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Wednesday, 28th December, 2011

As the weather wasn’t looking to clever again in Canberra, we thought it might be a little bit better down on the coast. The plan was, to get up early, drive the hour and half over to Batemans Bay, spend the day on the beach, look for somewhere to stay over and return home on the Thursday. Not Batemans bay again! I hear you say but it’s where the majority of Canberrians apparently go during the festive period and we wanted to see what all the fuss was about. As for the early start, fat chance with Ciara around! So at Noon (Yes Noon) we set off with the car loaded up with everything a family needs for a trip to the beach.

The best way down to Batemans Bay is south west though Queanbeyan and out along the Kings Highway (Route 52) though the towns of Bungendore, Braidwood then down off the mountains via the Clyde valley road, past the Poohs Corner (see pictue below) and into the Batemans bay area. One of the ‘highlights’ along the way is the ‘world famous’ bakery at Braidwood. I think I’ve mentioned this place before, but I must say the pies there are excellent. Don’t think Ciara was too impressed but she’ll learn! Anyway, it was gone two O’clock in the afternoon when we rolled into the bay area. As most of Canberra had decamped to the place after Christmas Day, we found that the main town was packed, as were the first couple of beaches we drove too. However the further south we drove down the coast the emptier (and better) the beaches became. My plan was to drive all the way down to Narooma which had been recommended but as we were late arriving (have I mentioned that before?), we decided to stop at Surf Beach which I had been too before (twice!).

Things didn’t look to promising at first glance, as the car park was nearly full and a quick look over the sand dunes revealed a large body of people spread on the beach between the flags that the local Surf Life Saving Club had placed in the sand. Surf Life Saving Clubs are a bit of institution in Australia and many a man (and woman) have proved their worth in the multitude of competitions that they run each weekend around the coast of Australia. I think they’re mostly volunteers but they’re almost revered in most parts and whatever they decide, where beach safety is concerned, is universally accepted. The girls had disappeared to find a toilet (no surprises there!) so I thought ‘sod it we’re staying here no matter what’ and started unpacking the car.

Surf Beach is actually two beaches with a rocky outcrop breaking the beach into two. Most people opt to stay on the one nearest the car park and under the protection of the SLSC, but we walked pass the masses, over the little stream coming off the hills and, across the rocks and pitch our stuff on the much quieter and sheltered second beach (See second landscape picture below). Let’s go for a swim I said to Ciara, ‘Oh, I’ve forgot my swim suit, it’s still in the car!’ says Ciara. What she really meant was she was worried about the remote chance of a shark or two lurking off the coast, so we had a paddle in the surf instead. Secretly I was glad, as the water was bloody freezing. Spent the remainder of the day, sitting around chatting, reading and taking photographs of the many birds scattered along the beach. Later, as the beach was beginning to empty and my belly was beginning to rumble, we decided to head back into town to grab something to eat and find some accommodation. On the drive back, every hotel and guest house we passed had a ‘No Vacancies’ sign out and upon asking in a couple of places in town we soon found out that there wasn’t a room to had in town. Anyway, we were still hungry, so we picked a nice looking Fish n’ Chip restaurant and ordered take away which we ate on the quay front. As we were eating our tea, we decided that it would best to go home and do something around Canberra on the Thursday before we set off for Sydney on Friday.


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