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Boxing Day Sales, 2011

Another day and another new toy!

What do you do on Boxing Day? You go to the sales of course! After the excesses of yesterday, Gail and Ciara weren’t up to doing much today so I decided that it was time for a new telly. Not that it was a spur of the moment thing! If you know me, you’ll know that I research the hell out of things before I commit to buying any major items for the house. I’ve looked at Plasma, LCD & LED of all sizes from all the major manufactures, bent the ear of many a salesman on the connections and features. I’ve gone from looking at the top of the range Smart TV’s from Samsung, costing an arm and leg, down to cheap as chips sets from manufacturers I never heard of.

In the end I plumbed for a 51 inch Samsung D550 which is a 3D capable, semi Smart TV that cost me $790. Cheapskate! I hear you say but if you’ve seen the state of the telly down here you’ll understand why I didn’t push the boat out on this one. We can’t get FoxTel (The equivalent to Sky in the UK) in our apartment block. TransACT, the suppliers of cable TV don’t service our suburb so we’re stuck with the free to air shite that they serve up down here. Now, where do I start? You’ve got 5 Analogue stations which are a waste of time and luckily these are being phased out in April this year to be replaced by 22 digital Freeview stations from all the major Australia broadcasters, ABC, WIN, Channel Nine, Channel Ten etc. However the content of these stations is shite, save for a few gems such as Big Bang Theory,  and errrrr! well I can’t think of any others.

Anyway, it’s got all the major connectors for plugging in DVD/Blue Ray players, PC’s, SD cards and the like, so I suppose I can watch something decent on it as soon as I connect something up to it. Been thinking about a SlingBox or signing up to a Virtual VPN service so I watch BBC iPlayer, ITV Player etc. from the UK via the Laptop. But that’s another story!

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