Christmas Day, 2011   Leave a comment

Christmas Day, 2011

Never thought I would have a Christmas Day without a full Turkey roast dinner! But today we had a full on Aussie BBQ to celebrate the big day, on the balcony of our apartment. Was up late last night doing the usual last minute things you do on Christmas Eve, you know wrapping presents, drinking beer etc. Around midnight we had a few Skype calls from Family to wish us a Happy Christmas. It’s good to see that everybody seems to have sorted out their webcams in time for Christmas.

It’s always an interesting game to see what time Ciara gets us up on Christmas morning. Of course, when she was younger it was battle to get her to sleep in the first place but of the years it’s been getting later and later and in fact I think we had to wake her up one year. Anyway, this year it was just after nine O’clock. Forgot to put the usual carrot and milk for Santa and Rudolph (I think Ciara doesn’t believe all that stuff these days, but its good fun doing anyway). We popped the laptop on as usual and before long the calls started coming in again. Don’t think Ciara was too pleased at being interrupted every few minutes and after a couple of hours we still hadn’t opened all our presents, not that we had a lot to open. Anyway it was good to hear from everyone and we were soon thinking of having our traditional breakfast of bacon butties and bucks fizz.

The weather started off with a beautiful sunny day with the temperture in the high 70’s but as the day progressed the clouds started to appear and by two O’clock we hear the distant rumble of thunder up in the north. Unpacked the Bar-B-Q and pushed it under cover as we didn’t think it would be long before the rain started to fall. So what do you think three Poms on their first Christmas in Australia have for dinner on their Barbie? Well, Gail being Gail, we had bought in a vast array of food the day before up in Fyshwick markets so I had a selection of Chicken, Steak, Chops, Burgers, Prawns, Sausage’s for the Barbie itself plus all the usual acompliments you have at a BBQ. Never had a decent BBQ to cook with before, but I must say this one we bought the other day is fantastic. The heat it produces in incredible, plus the cooking area is massive so we were soon tucking into a huge feast of meat, salad and beer (Coke for Ciara!).

Had Christmas pudding ready for afters but none of us (okay, it’s only me who likes it!) could face it so we spent the rest of the day playing on the playbook, reading or watching the tv. (Don’t you think that ‘The Royal family’ is even funnier the second time around, that Jim is a dirty get!)

Before we went to bed, we noticed that a couple of the kids were on Skype, so we had a quick chat with them as they were preparing the presents for Christmas day back home in the UK. Had to laugh at Karl and Hayley as they were having fun (Not!) trying to get kai to bed.


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