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Monday, 5th December, 2011

Ouch! Just been strung for $20 Car park charge (That’s 15 quid!) in the Westfield Centre, Woden. Drove into town this morning to arrange Medicare cards for Gail & Ciara, open bank accounts at the Commonwealth bank, purchase a couple of Aussie sim cards for their mobiles, etc. Parked in the multi-storey car park and took the ticket as usual. I know, I know! there’s usually a list of the car park charges at the entrance, but I never normally stay in there for too long and it’s always free for the first two hours.

Anyway, we went about our business, which meant queuing up at the Medicare offices, the Optus Mobile shop and the Bank in order to apply for the services we were after. Once we had finished at the bank, we nipped along to the row of little restaurants outside the back of the centre to grab some lunch at an excellent burger place called Grilled. Whilst we were on a roll (plus Ciara wasn’t moaning too much!), we dived into the Canberra Connect Shop Front to enquire about a Student Myway card  for Ciara and an Australian (ACT) driving licence for Gail. We were successful in the former, but less so on the latter, as Gail will need to prove her residency in the ACT (Pretty difficult, as everything, Rental Agreement, Utility Bill etc. is currently in my name). Getting an Australian Driving licence has proved invaluable to me, as appling for anything in the Canberra/ACT area requires you to produce a magical 100 points of identification. This involves producing three or four documents from a long list that need to add up to or beyond the 100 points. The list includes Passport (40 Points), Rental Agreements (40), Non Australian Driving licence (40), Bank statements (20) etc. However, all the above goes out of the window once you’ve obtained an Australian Driving Licence (ACT one my case) and you only need to produce is the Driving Licence whenever you need to sign up for a service or identify yourself.

Walking back through the Westfield centre, Ciara decides that she would like to look at the handbags and perfumes in the David Jones department store thus delaying us even more, so by the time we get back to the payment kiosk five to six hours have passed since we entered the car park earlier in the day. Therefore, it was with some trepidation that I inserted the ticket into the slot to learn my fate….

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