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Saturday, 26 November, 2011

Not that I’m a scruffy get or anything but I spent most of today cleaning the apartment in anticipation of the arrival of Gail and Ciara next week. Not that I could go out and about anyway, as it pissed down most of the day. Therefore, I took the opportunity to give the place a good going over with the duster, mop and bucket, hoover (actually it’s a Dyson but that’s another story!), plus put up a few pictures and take a load of cardboard down to the recycling shed.

Anyway, by mid-afternoon I was getting bored and started to think what I was going to do in the evening. Barry was out of town in Melbourne attending a charity bash and Nick wasn’t playing out due to the bad weather. Had the idea that I could go out and watch a EPL game but when I checked the fixture list, United weren’t on till 15:00 (02:00 ADST) and the 12:45 (23:45 ADST) game was Stoke v Wolves, which, as an appetiser didn’t do anything for me, so I decided to check the net for anything happening in Canberra.

Tuggeranong Festival was talked about in the office during the week and even though I was still scarred by the Woden festival the other week I decided that I would give it a go. Looking at the Festival website I quite fancied the look of the headline band in the evening, Doc Neeson followed by a ‘spectacular’ fireworks display. So during a lull in the rain I drove down to Tuggeranong Town Pak on the banks of the lake, walked through the swampy funfair area (it was also deserted) and toward the open air stage set up in the middle of the park. As I left the apartment at around eight, I only caught the last few numbers of the Doc Neeson band session but they were surprisingly good and I was kind of wishing that I watched the full set. At the end of the concert the ‘compare’ announced that the firework would be starting in a few minutes and that everybody should move over to the lakeside to catch the best view.

The display started with a large ‘LJ Hooker’ sign being lit up in fireworks (Obviously the sponsor of the fireworks!) on the slope of the hill where the display was situated. After that, we were treated to an excellent 10-15 minute display which the pictures below don’t do justice too and I’m sure the whole of Canberra saw it as well or at least heard it as the sound of the fireworks could be heard booming round the hills that surround Tuggeranong. Walking back towards the fair after the end of the display, most of the stalls and rides were packing up, so I drove home and on the way it started to rain again!


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