Sunday, 20 Nov, 2011   Leave a comment

Sunday, 20 November, 2011

After the wasted day that was Saturday (I’ll update you on what happened on Friday night when I remember what happened!), this morning I woke up re-invigorated and ready for the world again. Felt like I’ve slept for a week and was full of energy, so out with the duster and multi surface clearer to rip though the apartment for quick clean starting at eight in the morning.

Then, drove up to Civic to meet Glenn for a mountain bike round O’Connor Ridge, meet up at 10 with threatening skies overhead but after a cup of coffee at Glenn’s place we decided to go for it. It was a bit of though slog up to the ridge but once we got there the tracks were fairly easy and we were soon tearing round the ridge like a couple of pros (mmmm, maybe not that good!).  After an hour or so the rain returned and after seeking some shelter for a while to see if it would blow over we decided to ride down to O’Conner shops where Glenn knew an Vietnamese restaurant (Tu Do Vietnamese Restaurant,  7 Sargood Street, O’Connor ACT 2602. Can’t find a website I’m afraid!) where we could grab some lunch before heading home. By the time we arrived we were soaked so we thought it would be a good idea to dry off in the local bar just along the street from the restaurant. After an excellent, Raw Beef Noddle Soup and a few spring rolls all washed down with some green tea we were on are way back to Glenn’s place and the car. After making arrangements for the next couple of weeks, I was on my home to a well-deserved shower.

Again, as I’d not done bugger all on Saturday (I must stop drinking heavily on Friday night’s, or at least stop going out with Barry, James and Nick!), I still needed some provisions for the week ahead so it was off to Fyshwick Markets  for fruit n’ veg plus some ’boutique’ beers (Didn’t say I was giving up beer, Just cutting down!). Arrived at around four expecting to find the place deserted but it was packed and I soon found out why. As it’s the last day of the markets before they closed down till trading starts again on Thursday, most of the traders were selling off their produce in an attempt to rid of it. So the fish monger was busy selling off whole fish at half price plus selected other filleted fish at half price or better. In addition to this, all the green grocers’ were selling off loads of their stock. And to top it all, the butchers next to Plonk (guess what they sell there!) was selling off some fantastic looking steaks at half price, so I bought a couple (See picture below ).

Of course, due to my wasted day on Saturday (did I tell I got pissed on Friday night!) I’d not done any ironing for the week ahead so after tea I put on My Generation (1974 this week) on Mix 106.3 on the radio and knocked off 15 shirts and tea shirt in two hours. Not bad going I thought, mind you I can’t vouch for the quality.



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