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Sunday, 13 November, 2011

Wow, Sunday was a busy day!

Day started off early when I meet up with Glenn, who is a friend of Glenn at work, for a Mountain Bike Ride around Majura Pine Reserve. Confused! so was I when we were arranging things last week. Took the bike in the back of the car (God I need a bike rack, as I practically have to dismantle the bike to fit it in the car) up to Glenn’s place just north of Civic. The weather was sunny and warm, so I think that the plan to ride in the Pine Forest was a good one as we would have been sheltered from the worst of heat. Glenn said that it was a short trip of about 5 km to ride to the back entrance of the Reserve so off we set with Glenn leading the way. I must say that I thought that I had a decent bike but when I saw Glenn’s machine complete with peddle clips, big knobbly tyres etc. I was a little but jealous. Still, I had my new camel pack on which I purchased the day before! (Glenn didn’t have one of those). As I’ve been before I took the lead once we entered the forest and we spent an hour or so riding up and down the many tracks especially created for mountain bikers through the trees. Was well impressed with Glenn’s fitness and technique on the bike, not bad for an old man! Sorry Glenn, I say that to anyone who’s older than me as it makes me feel young. He was especially good on the uphill sections, as his clip-in shoes allowed him to pull and push on the peddles, god I’ve got to get a pair of those.

I’d already told Glenn that I need to be at the Lake side to meet Nick for the Water Sports Open Day that a local water sports shop had arranged in order to show their wares. This was a free event so it was an opportunity not to be missed as they planned to be putting all sorts of equipment on the water for the general public to try out. So, after speaking to a young couple trying out some new bikes (more bike envy!) we descended the side of the mountain (Okay it’s only a hill) towards the spot where the Open Day was being held. It was a really good descent with Glenn in the lead and the pair of us going at a fair old lick, when Glenn rounded a big bush and shouted something back to me, which I didn’t hear. So as I came to round the corner, I was confronted by a large tree stump which I couldn’t avoid and the next thing I knew was me sailing over the handle bars preforming a perfect summersault and landing flat on my back in a load of leaves and broken branches. No serious damage, only to my ego! and I soon bounced back up in the hope that nobody had seen come off the bike. A couple minutes down the hill, Glenn was waiting for me asking me if I heard his warning about the tree stump, “Yeah just missed it”.

By the time we arrived at the water’s edge the open day was in full swing and the lake was full with watercraft of all shapes and sizes. Couldn’t find Nick, suspected he was out on the water, so after checking out some of the stuff on show, we had a quick look round the nearby YMCA sailing facility and then rode back to Glenn’s place to pick up my car.

Found Nick when I returned to the lake and we both went out in one of the sea canoes, then on the paddle boards, where up stand up on an oversized surf board and paddle with a single oar. Not as easy as it looks, but we both had great fun trying out the different techniques required to stay on the thing.

After going home for a shower, meet up with Barry in the Southern Cross Club for dinner and to watch a match on the big screen.

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