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Friday, 4 November, 2011

By way of a change to our usual Friday night out, Barry, Nick and I decided to forgo The Hellenic Club and headed into town to visit The Phoenix.

Kevin, from the office, tagged along and we meet up at the allotted time outside the Hogs Breath Cafe in Civic where we sat down within the seated area outside on the pavement. When the waiter arrived with a strange-looking menu with lots of Italian dishes on it, we soon realised we were sat in the restaurant next door, Tosolini’s. Soon after I sat down, I had a sneezing fit and this seemed to start everyone else off doing the same thing. As we sat under a bloody great big tree that seemed to be giving off some sort
of pollen which was causing some sort of reaction we decided to de-camped and move indoors.

After an excellent Fettuccine al pollo, we moved on to The Phoenix where Barry, ordered the beers (Guinness actually!) and we grabbed a few old beat-up easy chairs near the band stand. However, we soon found out, to our surprise, that there wasn’t any live bands playing tonight so sat back, had a chat and took in the sights that surrounded us. The owner kept walking pass with one of those clickers devices that count people (like you see on a train!)  and after doing this a couple of times we stopped him to asked what was going on. He explained that a couple of weeks ago the pub was raided by the police who told him that he had 20 or 30 bodies over his legal limit. (All public places in the ACT are assessed and issued with a notice stating the maximum number of people allowed in at any one time.) and that any repetition would mean the loss of his licence.

As there wasn’t a band on tonight, we decided to jump on the last bus back to Woden before things got too messy!.


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