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Saturday, 1 October, 2011

Just a word on the apartmentcomplex I live.

When I first arrived in Canberra, I was under the impression that it would take a couple of days to secure a furnished house or apartment in the south of the city close to where I was  scheduled to work in Tuggeranong or Woden.  How wrong could I have been! Prior to my arrival I was instructed to look at the All Homes website, which is considered to be the best place to look for and secure rental accommodation in Canberra. However, without any knowledge of the districts/suburbs of Canberra, I decided to leave it till my arrival before trying to find somewhere to live.

For the first few days, Nick and I cruised around several of the suburbs around Woden and Tuggeranong in the vain hope that something would jump out and present itself to us. We soon found out that there is a certain procedure you need to go through to be able to rent a place in Canberra.  This involved locating a place that was of interest, finding out when the Inspection Date & time was, rolling up at the specified day & time (usually a fifteen minute window) to look around the property at which time you could register your interest and receive an application form which had to be completed and returned within a couple of days so that the owner could pick which of the applicants they would invite to rent the property. If you got through all that, then you had 24 hours from notification to signing a lease agreement (which is basically a list of do and don’t, m ostly don’t!). At any point in this procedure you could be tripped up by missing the property inspection slot, not having the correct paper work in place (Identification documents, letter of employment,  References from previous leasers etc.),  not fore filling the selection criteria (i.e. Groups of same sex people, having or not having kids, being a smoker etc.) or even, as happened to me, someone at the office telling you you’ve been unsuccessful before the owner had chance to see the applications submitted.

Anyway, after a slow start (not really knowing what we which doing!) and several abortive attempts to secure and place (we meet a delightful woman from one of the property agents who happened to mention to me that she was showing an apartment in the Garran suburb later that day and that I should pop around as it fitted my requirements down to the ground. Once we parked the car in the apartment complex and had a look round I knew this would the place for me. Especially so after I had taken a look at the three bedroom ground floor apartment that was on show. The only problem was that the current tenants would be leaving for two weeks which meant that I would need to extend the stay at my serviced apartment for a minimum of ten days.  No problem there (apart from the cost, as I had to pay for it out of my own pocket), as Gail was arriving at this time and it would gave us time to look round at furniture, bedding, etc. Therefore, after we moved out of our first serviced apartment and into the second one (another story!), signing a One Year lease agreement, buying furniture etc. we moved into Hopegood Place on Friday, 5th August, 2011.

Hopegood  place is a cur-de-sac off Gilmore Crescent in the suburb of Garran within the District of Woden which is in South Canberra. There are approx. ten blocks of apartments with varying numbers of units contained within them. Ours has 34 two and three bedroom apartments in a large building which is three stories high with underground parking in single or double garages running its full length.  The pictures below show the block we live plus the surrounding landscaped gardens on a beautiful spring day

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