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When we moved into the apartment, the previous tenant left us a large bag of sunflower seeds so that we could feed the birds. Gail was against it but I quite fancied the idea of doing it for a bit to see what sort of birds we could attract. On the first morning, we spread a hand full of the seed on the large pot dish left for the purpose on top of the wall out on the balcony, retried to the living room where we could watch and waited. It didn’t take long before a large Sulphur crested Cockatoo landed on the plate and started to feed. Not long after that another one landed and we were entertained for a few minutes while these two squabbled over the spoils. One they had their fill, they departed and soon after a pair of Rainbow Lorikeets rolled up. We’ve never seen such a beautiful and vivid bird with a red bill, blue face with yellow collar, red chest, green and yellow wings. However, they were pushed out of the way when a couple of Crimson Rosellas (although one of them seems more green tan crimson!)  flew in and took over the scene. Finally, a couple of Magpies finished off what was left.

I’ve continued to put the seed out every day since (except when I’m out on the piss in Sydney) and it never fails to attract a gaggle of birds, with the record so far being eight Sulphur crested Cockatoos in one sitting.

There’s definitely a hierarchy in the feeding order with the Cockatoos taking preference, followed by the Rosellas, then the Magpies  with the poor old Lorikeets waiting till everybody else has had their fill. It’s funny to watch them whilst the others are at the table as they fly in, hang around on the wall or on the floor trying to pluck enough courage to steal in and grab some seed while the other looking the other way. Most of the time this doesn’t work and they fly off only to return a few minutes later to try again.

The guys at work tell me that if I sit out on the balcony after I’ve put out the seed, the Cockatoos will eventually start to feed while I’m there.  Someone even said that if I persist and move closer to them over time, they would even start to feed from my hand. Don’t think I’ll try that one as they’re bloody big birds and I don’t fancy a peck from one of them.


Posted October 13, 2011 by yermandownunder in Observations

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