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Thursday, 29 September, 2011

After the success that was Floriade by day, we decided to go to the Floriade Nightfest which is held for fives nights only between Wednesday, 28 Sept & Sunday, 2 oct.

The Nightfest is held, as the name suggest, at night with the whole of the Floriade site illuminated in multi-coloured lights which continually change to produce a stunning effect over the various flower beds and events. Tickets cost $25 and on the night we attended the event it wasn’t worth it. Mostly because of the freezing cold weather and the constant threat of rain, this conspired to keep people away, thus resulting in the feeling that we were there on our own.

Anyway, after meeting up with Barry, James & Nick at the pre-arranged time, we took a quick tour round the tented village that is the concession stores at the entrance to the Floriade site. Nothing much there to interest us, unless we wanted plastic gnomes, waterproof dubbing for our shoes or over-priced curry paste (which we didn’t). Then it was on to the Carnival Stage to watch an half hour set by a Sydney stand-up comedian called Tommy Little. Anyone who has to make a crowd of about sixty people from all walks of life and ages from 5 to 85 doesn’t really stand a chance. We could tell that Tommy wanted to let rip with some of his more risky stuff. Which he did on a few occasions, with some hilarious results (like the dad who walked out of the show with his four young children in tow asking him what ‘taking it up the arse’ meant!). Anyway, he give it a good go and got a good hand from those remaining at the end. We were hoping to catch the band at the Glow Bar but when we got there we discovered that they’ve been and gone and the that the night’s film was being shown on the big screen on Stage 88 instead. Shame there was only about 20 people watching Julie & Julia (PG) in a field that could hold a hundred times that number. Anyway, we had a beer in the Glow Bar and proceeded over to the ‘Storm of the Senses lighting Display’ (see pictures below). The blurb says… “Feel like you’re in the eye of a storm at the Rhododendron Gardens with the spectacular new Strom of the Senses lighting display that is set to a dramatic musical soundtrack”. And after being a bit sceptical about the whole thing, it was surprisingly good with a cracking soundtrack and excellent displays from the LEDs located in the trees.

By  this time, the numbers walking about were really thinning out and after having another beer, this time in the Butterfly lounge listening to House and Electronica with DJ cheese (where do they get these names from?) we decided to jump ship and head into town for a couple of beers. On the way out we met Poppy & Poppy, the resident Floriade Flowers.

First we went to and tried to get into our favourite pub in all Canberra, The Phoenix, but we couldn’t get in as the place was full! They’re very strict about venue capacities over here (The  Phoenix has a limit of 94 people!) so the doorman was turning people away even though there was loads of room inside. So off to the PJ O’Reilly’s we went, where we bumped into the world’s most miserable barmaid again (More on her in another post on this blog). On walking back to The Phoenix to chance our arm again at the door, James bailed out on us claiming
that he had an early morning start and need to prepare some notes for a meeting. When we got there, Barry did a runner as well, so it was left to Nick and myself to hold the fort. This time we were successful in getting in and after initially saying that we would only stay for one and catch the last bus home we stayed for several and got a taxi home at two in the morning. Mind you the Guinness was excellent and the band (from Sydney I think, can’t remember their name) were pretty good as well.


Didn’t feel too clever in the morning, so maybe James and Barry had the best idea by going home early.

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