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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Woke up to a beautiful morning in Canberra. Big day today, shopping at Fyshwick markets for this week’s food. I can recommend the big breakfast at the café in the corning near Farm Fresh. Then on to buy a couple of mattresses for the other two bedrooms in the apartment. Got them for a decent price. As I’ve been there before and had a few people who had been in
had mentioned my name, Gary (the owner of Now Furniture, 21 Albany Street, Fyshwick) give me a big discount, which was very kind. They should be delivered on Monday morning along with a bedframe I got from another furniture shop just up the road. This should sort out the spare room for any visitors (if any) who turn up in the next few weeks. Still looking for a suitable bedframe for Ciara’s room but at least I’m got the mattress now.

Anyway, after a quick visit to Bunnings DIY (simular to  B&Q but the staff know what their talking about) to pick up some cheap folding garden chairs I spotted the other day I returned to start on the potting of the plant purchased yesterday. Got five or six big pots and loads of smaller ones freebees from someone on the office intranet the other week. Bit of a messy job to mix up the top soil and specialist potting compound but finally got all the pots I wanted filled ready for planting. However, time was pressing and I still hadn’t been on my bike ride.

Planned to do the same ride as last week only go the  opposite way round the lake so that I could try in the Floriade exhibition in the commonwealth Park on the north side of the lake. As it was such a nice day didn’t bother taking the backpack loaded up with provisions like last week, just a water bottle, camera some cash and debit card in case of emergencies! Once I get onto the cycle path leading down to the lake there’s need to worry about cars as it winds its way through the suburbs to the lake side. Thought I was going a fair old lick until and few other cyclist passed me on the way down, so I think I’ll have to work on my speed. Anyway, headed round the 28k lake circuit and I must say I was ready for a break when I got to the Floriade

Now, I’ve heard a lot about this event since I’ve arrived in Canberra. Canberrians (Not sure of the spelling there!) are very proud of their annual flower show and apparently people come from all over Australia to see each year’s displays. It runs for about three weeks from mid-September to early October. They even have a special night time sessions near the end of the show where there are outdoor films shown, some kind of lighting show, live music and all sorts of other shenanigans. That cost $25 to get in but the rest of the time it’s free. So tightwad here has decided to go during the day! Well I wasn’t disappointed! Once you get past the usual stalls at the entrance selling everything from super mop heads, tea from around the world, hats, garden ornaments etc. you’re hit with these massive displays of flowers in raised beds, see pictures below. Now sure what most of them were but there’s plenty of information by each bed and loads of volunteers who only too happy to explain things. The hour I spent there was not enough to take it all in but I had a bike ride to finish off. I’ll probably go back to have a proper look (how sad is that!), paying $25 to attend one of the night-time sessions seems like a good idea, especially as there’re be beer there.It was gone four when I left the show and I did think about cutting the ride short but decided against it. After stopping to chat to a couple of people on the way round (I must stop doing that!), I arrive back at the finish point of the lake circuit at around Six. Don’t forget it’s still winter here, so the light was beginning to fade and I still had 6 or 7k to get home, plus my arse was killing me. Going ever slower now, I think even a couple of runners past me this time I arrive home just as dark was descending on Canberra.

As I was off on Monday morning, to wait for this bloody broadband connection to be made. I had visions of me having a shower, relaxing and then going to watch United play Chelsea at One o’clock  in the morning down at the Hellenic Club. However, after a couple of hours that idea went out of the window and I went to bed at 11 after speaking to Gail on Skype. Got Craig to text me the score overnight and woke up on Monday to the excellent news that United had won 3-1

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