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Friday, 12 August, 2011

Gail and I went up to Sydney for the weekend. Left work at 4 O’Clock, picked up Gail and drove 3 hours up to the western side of Sydney to stay at Gail’s uncles place in Panania. Had a few beers (like you do!) on the Friday night and was up early the next morning for breakfast and a lift to the train station to catch a train into the centre of Sydney. Train ticket cost $12.80 for two returns and half an hour later we arrived at Circular Quay station. BTW, the train we were on was amazing! double decker, electric, clean and on time.

We were like a couple of kids coming out of the station, both wanting to be the first to spot the Opera house or the Harbour Bridge. Strolled round to the Opera house past some fantastic looking apartment blocks (wouldn’t like to think about the cost of one of those!) to take a look around the Opera Hose site. I must say that considering it’s one of the most iconic buildings in the world, it’s a bit of concrete monstrosity! Think it was built-in the 70’s and the architecture reflects this period. That said, it’s an impressive place and it takes a good picture or two (see below).

Didn’t have time to do the famous Sydney Harbour Bridgewalk, or the money for that matter. $199 at the weekend is a bit steep. But I will do later in the summer when  the weather is better and it’s also one of my ‘must do’ things to do whilst I’m in Australia. We took a walk over the footpath to the middle of the bridge where we meet Gails new friends, the security gards who where to stop anybody ballooning around or jumping off the bridge.

Just had time to grab a LARGE beer in the ‘authentic’ German Bierhaus in the Rocks district below the bridge before we jumped on the ferry over to Manly Beach where we took another stroll, this time along the breach front where we also had fish n chips sat on the beach wall. On the return journey, took some more pictures of the famous Sydney skyline from the ferry, then back to Panania on the train.

After a quick shower, we were taken to Bankstown Sports Club for dinner and a few beers by Lawrence and his wife Barbra. Just word about Bankstown Sport Club. I thought the clubs in canberra were big but they are nothing compared to some of them in Sydney. This place had a Rainforest in the middle with a massive grill restaurant, italian pizeria, railway lodge bar and the huge ‘pokies’ hall surrounding it. This is not to mention the concert hall and the many function rooms upstairs.

The next day, Sunday, after meeting Kerry and Lauren, Lawrence’s daughters who had come to see their dad on his birthday (happy birthday Lawrence!), we were taken on a drive around the Botany Bay area of Sydney. This included stops at Brighton le Sands (Coffee by the beach), La Perouse (being rebuilt) and Maroubra where Lawrence and Barbra first lived  when they arrived in Australia over 30 years ago. The beach at Marboubra is perfect for surfing and even though it was cold and windy on the day, there were loads of black clad bodies in the water doing their thing as we watched from a nice warm restayrant on the sea front.

Finally, after a brew back at the house we drove back to Canberra arriving back at 8:30 in the evening.

A long, tiring but very enjoyable weekend

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